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In 1982, Jackie Geoffrion (mother of Mary Jane Kittredge, wife of Pastor Doug Kittredge), responded to a calling to reach out to those in the community at Thanksgiving. On that day on Kenmore Avenue, meals were prepared and the volunteers anxiously awaited the arrival of those in need. After what seemed like an impossibly long wait, one man was eventually convinced to come in and enjoy the feast.

With so much food prepared, a new approach was necessary. Some meals were boxed up and sent to the dialysis unit in Hazel Hill where Mary Jane’s sister, Pat Hall, and another New Life in Christ Church member, Mary Lou Zook, worked. What a blessing! This still left an abundance of food, however. It was decided that the volunteers would go door to door in the neighborhoods and offer meals to any in need. Among the recipients were 10 children who were waiting placement in permanent homes, as well as an elderly couple and a blind man, all of whom received meals that were otherwise beyond their means. Many others were served in that first Thanksgiving Day Ministry event and we may never know their stories.

Over the years, the New Life in Christ Church Thanksgiving Day Ministry has grown. Last year, over 600 meals were prepared and delivered from the New Life in Christ Church kitchen, and providing meals for our neighbors in local care facilities has become a mainstay of this ministry.

Today, as we prepare for our 33rd Thanksgiving Day Ministry event, many things have changed. We now have a link to our Thanksgiving Day Ministry wiki from our church website, and a dedicated email address. In addition, we also use online services like Perfect Potluck to coordinate the donations from our church members and other participants. However, as with our very first Thanksgiving Day Ministry event, we still go into the neighborhoods to find those in need.