As a Presbyterian Church (PCA) New Life in Christ Church governed by representatives nominated and elected from the congregation. There are two types of elders:

* Teaching elders
* Ruling elders

The Senior Pastor together with the Associate Pastor and Ruling Elders form the Session (or governing body) of the church who are responsible for caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation, which includes the following functions:

* Oversight of church ministries and the administration of the sacraments.
* Visiting, praying for, teaching and counseling congregation members.
* Upholding the doctrinal convictions of the church.
* Setting the vision, direction, strategies, budget and policies of the church.
* Receiving and Dismissing members.
* Exercising appropriate Church Discipline.

Current Ruling Elders:


New Life in Christ Church is also served by a Board of Deacons nominated and elected from the congregation. The Board of Deacons are responsible for such things as:

* Mercy ministries

(we have a Deacons Sharing Fund to care for congregational needs)
* Finances
* Property

Current Deacons:
Christopher Dale
Craig Cuddy
John Hinson
Drew Kittredge
Steve Marple
Jeff McConnell
Larry Root
Matt Oberlin
Pete O’Hara
Sean O’Hara
Mike Prevost
Ricardo Perez
Josh Wassum
Robert L. Williams Jr.
Robin Wilson
Jimmy Whitman
Jon Worman
Tom Worman
Fred Yarborough

Tom Worman, Robert Williams Jr., Pete O’Hara, Jeff McConnell