Those who attended second service last Sunday were likely surprised by the arrival of several pieces of fire apparatus on the property.  During a routine post-service patrol by a Doorkeeper, a smell (albeit faint) of natural gas was noticed outside the northwest door (B1).  Due to the dangerous nature of a gas leak, a 911 call was placed. After touring the building, the fire department was unable to detect any concentration of gas within the building.  Within 20 minutes of the call, it was determined that the building was safe for occupancy and Columbia Gas was requested to respond.  Upon arrival, Columbia Gas identified the gas meter on the north side of the building was leaking at the discharge end.  The meter was disconnected, two rubber washers were replaced, and the meter and gas service was restored.  While in the end, the danger of fire was minimal, we discovered a leak that we have been paying for some undetermined time!  That thought put a smile on our treasurer’s face!

We learned several things in this first incident in the last several decades we have had the fire department respond on a Sunday morning.  First, small children should be under supervision when in the parking lot.  Fire engines responding to a call and small children spell disaster.  Second, please park in marked spaces only.  The layout of parking spaces takes into account the turning radius of apparatus.  If the parking lot had been full, it would have delayed the response.  Finally, if you notice an unsafe situation, please contact a Doorkeeper.  The Doorkeeper ministry is tasked with being the first responders for all emergencies at New Life on Sunday mornings whether fire, security or medical. They can be identified by a white shield lapel pin or badge.  If one is not nearby you can talk to an Usher, Elder, Deacon or Pastor.

They will relay the message.  If you see something, please say something