Pastor Skip Tyler preached from Psalm 13 on April 24 of this year, helping us to fix our eyes on Christ in the midst of suffering and grief, and that message is particularly applicable at this time. The 1599 Geneva Bible introduces the psalm like this: "David as it were overcome with sundry and new afflictions, fleeth to God as his only refuge and so at length being encouraged through God’s promises, he conceiveth most sure confidence against the extreme horrors of death."

You can watch the sermon here (cued to begin at Pastor Sean's introduction of Pastor Skip).

The elements of lament are a cry and complaint, a request, and finally, trust. As Pastor Skip explained: "Such an honest prayer by David invites Christians to express all of their pain to their heavenly Father. Christ’s substitution means that the believer can never be rejected (2 Corinthians 5:21). Our experience of God’s goodness will be the same as the psalmist—never mere sustenance, but bountiful blessing from an extravagant God who “graciously” gives us “all things,” because he gave us his Son for us all (Romans 8:32)."