NLICC Family,

        The following is updated information we recieved from the family concerning the upcoming memorial service for Paul M. Johnson, Jr.  If you are able to attend they are requesting that you let them know via email to: asap so they can make the proper arrangments. 

 The service for my father, Paul M. Johnson, Jr. is fast approaching.  It is scheduled for August 11th at 1pm at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) at One Memorial Avenue, Arlington VA 22211.  All attendees are required to arrive by 12:15pm.  Here is some information from ANC on where to go and what to do.

  1.    When you arrive, there will be a parking lane for funerals with a sign marked with Paul M. Johnson or PM Johnson.  Get in line behind that marker.  The escort will lead us all to the location of the service.  

2.    Anyone 16 and over must show a government issued ID to enter ANC (drivers' license or passport).  If you have a DoD ID card that is even better.  Anyone 16 or 17 not having a gvt. issued ID can show a school ID if it has a picture.  Under 16, no ID required.

  3.    After the service, we will be proceeding to Patton Hall on Ft. Myer.  214 Jackson Ave., Ft. Myer.  Directions are attached.  It will speed things up considerably if you go online and request base access for each person in your party.  That will avoid having to be screened at the gate.  I submitted a request on a Sunday and received the pass via email the next day.  Here is the link: 

  We will be serving food and drinks in the Lamplighter Room at Patton Hall.  We hope you will join us to share memories and pictures.  Please reply to this email if you are able to attend so that we can plan accordingly. 

Julia Margulies and Karen Sandri