Focus for September: Thankfulness
“How precious to me are your thoughts, O God!
    How vast is the sum of them!
 If I would count them, they are more than the sand.
    I awake, and I am still with you.”
Psalm 139: 17-18


How important is it to remain thankful in all situations?
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Submitted by Janet Goodwin
My mom is thankful in every situation. I didn’t understand it at age 15, when the first thing she said after she learned that her dad had passed on her birthday was “Thank you, God.” I didn’t understand it when hurricanes would hit our city and she’d say thank you because we had food and were prepared. I didn’t understand it again at age 28 when she gave thanks once again after learning that her mom passed on her birthday too (within an hour of when my grandpa had passed but that’s a story for another time). And I definitely didn’t understand it when she said it after we learned that my dad had passed after losing a hard fought battle with covid last year.
But I think I have begun to understand it now. We don’t go through difficult circumstances as punishment; we go through them to learn of the strength we have to get through them with God’s help. Every circumstance that we consider a deep wound is another opportunity to feel God’s support, grace, and love. That we can, in fact, “do all things through Christ who strengthens [us].”
This doesn’t mean we aren’t human and don’t feel anger and sadness and hurt. But it means that we can find peace with Him and in Him in difficulties and loss. So with all the sadness still in my heart in missing my dad, I’m grateful to God for having had him in my life for 34 years before he went home.


Bob McMichael Reception | Saturday, Sept. 17
We have an opportunity to show love to our sister, Carol McMichael, and her family, by providing a reception immediately following the Memorial Service on Saturday, September 17, 2022.  The service will start at 11:00am. We are planning for approx. 100 people. Please have all food items brought to the kitchen no later than 10:30am the morning of.  Thank you in advance for your contribution! For more information/questions, please contact Darlene Tyler, Reception Coordinator.
Contact | Darlene Tyler 
Help Liz Stevens Pack
Liz Stevens is preparing to move from the area soon and could really use help packing up her things. If you are able to spend an hour or two helping, please text or call her on her cell phone. Thank you in advance!
Contact | Liz Stevens 
Meals for the Hepperles - A few slots still needed!
Praise God for the birth of Mathias Paul Hepperle born on August 26 to Yaasha and Paul Hepperle. He weighed 7lbs 14oz. You're encouraged to help them as Yaasha recovers from surgery and they adjust to a family of four by signing up to bring them a meal. Please do not share the link on a public website. Contact Gail Flynn with any questions.
Contact  |  Gail Flynn 
Baby Shower for Sue & Nathan Lewis | Saturday, September 24 from 2:00-4:00pm | NLICC Fireside Room
Join us on September 24th to celebrate Nathan & Susanna Lewis and little Lewis. Please RSVP via comment, messenger, or text to Krisee Yee. They are registered with Target.
Contact  |  Krisee Yee
Nursery | Sunday School hour 9:30am - 10:30am | Sept 4 - Nov 27
We are in need of an assistant to serve in the nursery with Amy Auker each Sunday during Sunday School (Sept 4 - Nov 27). If you are able and willing to help in this way, please contact Amanda Oberlin or Amy Auker. If you are willing to be a substitute, please let us know as well.
Contacts | Amanda Oberlin / Amy Auker 
Children's Sunday School | 9:30am - 10:30am | Sept 4 - Nov 27
Several Sunday School teachers, assistants, and substitutes are needed for the fall quarter which runs from Sept 4 - Nov 27. Two-person teams are needed for the following classes: 2/3 year olds, 1st/2nd grade, and 5th/6th grade. Please contact Amanda Oberlin if you are interested in teaching or assisting in one of these classes.
Contact | Amanda Oberlin
Pioneer Girls 2022-2023 
Pioneer Girls is a discipleship ministry for girls ages 4-18. We meet on Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 at the church. We are excited to begin and spend the year with your amazing girls. Future events coming up include Mother Daughter Tea Party/Kickoff on September 14th and Spirit Day on October 8th. We are also looking for leaders for our Skippers, Scooters and Mom mentoring team. If you are interested in serving or would like more information you can contact Sharon S Nicole or Andrea Boylan Sanderson.
Contacts | Sharon S Nicole / Andrea Boylan Sanderson 
Mentors are Needed!
The Women’s Ministry Committee is looking for 2-3 women who would be willing to encourage some younger women/moms in the congregation right now who are in need of spiritual encouragement for a season. What does a mentor do? It can be as simple as reaching out to make a weekly phone call to check in on a sister in Christ, listening, being present, and praying for them. “Love one another deeply from the heart.” (1 Peter 1:22). Do you have 1-2 hours in your week to reach out? This is a great way to bring application to your study of God’s Word.
Contact  |  Pam Lopes 


The Battlefield Country Store |  Saturday, Sept. 24, 11am-1pm | 6150 Plank Rd.
The Women's Ministry Committee invites you to a gathering of women at the Battlefield Country Store! Bring a folding chair, grab a snack and/or sandwich from the store and join our discussion outside as we hear testimony from our own Jessica Peters! No purchase of food is necessary to attend so feel free to bring your own food!  (You are encouraged to come early if you plan to order food). If you attended a couple of years ago when the WMC hosted, this was a very fun event - hope to see you there! For more information contact Gail Flynn.
Contact | Gail Flynn 
The Wednesday morning Bible Study is back!
This study begins on September 14 from 9:30 to 11:30am in Room 218 with a time for shared prayer at the end. We will be studying the Sermon on the Mount. If you have any questions please contact Mary Shaffer or Gale Puffenberger.
Contacts  | Mary Shaffer \ Gale Puffenberger 
Growing in Grace Groups (formerly Titus 2)
The Women’s Ministry Committee is excited to announce that beginning in October, Growing in Grace Groups (formerly Titus 2), will begin meeting. These groups bring women together once a month to share a meal, Bible study, fellowship and prayer over six months. Small groups meet at various times, days of the week, and homes. Signups are taking place online. The groups will study “Flourish: How the Love of Christ Frees Us from Self-Focus” by Lydia Brownback (on Amazon).
Contact  |  Gale Puffenberger 
Summer Bible Study Continues into the Fall
This group has completed the first segment of the book study (which covers the first 7 chapters of Spiritual Depression: It’s Causes and Cure by Martyn Lloyd-Jones) and will continue on this Fall with the following changes:  the Tuesday night meeting will move to Monday night with the Tuesday day meeting remaining the same. They will do sermons #8 through #11, starting with sermon #8 - Feelings. The Fall dates are: Mondays (Sept 12 & 26, Oct 10 & 24) from 6-7:30pm and Tuesdays (Sept 13 & 27, Oct 11 & 25) from 10:30am-12 noon. For more information you may contact Lisa Capitano.
Contact  |  Lisa Capitano 


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All for His glory,
Julie Root
For the Women's Ministry Committee
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