“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children … ” (Deuteronomy 6:6–7, ESV)

As a point of reflection, you will notice that we typically encourage and expect that children will be part of the worship services. We know that preparing a child to be part of a worship service takes time, and each child is different in terms of his or her readiness to sit for an entire service. Each parent is also at a different place in terms of needing to participate in the service too!

We believe that God calls adults and children to worship Him, that He often works in family units (in “covenant” families), and that part of a parent’s call in discipling children is equipping them to fully participate in the service with understanding. So, dear parent, we know that this part of child raising can be difficult, but be encouraged that your efforts to create this habit of worship, and to build understanding … it bears fruit. Covenant families have been doing it for two thousand years, and trust God will work through it in your life and your child’s life, even if we don’t always get what we can out of the service.

And, don’t forget, we never stop training and teaching them. Even as they get older we can interact with them on more and more substantive parts of the service.

Dear parent, you may have periods of time that you cannot pay attention as you would like, but it will pass and your efforts will pay off. You have to believe that God is using these times, even if it feels “dry”, to shape you and your child. Be patient.  

One of the best things your children can see is their parents joyfully worshiping the Lord.

I’m so thankful for Anacari Storms and our other teachers and their willingness to have Junior Worship as a help to parents as we build God’s kingdom by training children.