New Geneva Theological Seminary

The vision of New Geneva Theological Seminary is to be a trans-formational, life-giving educational ministry based upon the truth of God’s Word and for His glory alone, reaching around the world. Our purpose is:

  1. to exemplify Christ in all of our work and relationships and to strive to walk blamelessly before God and men;
  2. to faithfully serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to uphold the inerrancy of God’s Word.

Our vision comes from and is based upon the following core values:

  • Life comes from knowing Christ, and therefore Christ must be at the center of our lives and spiritual disciplines;
  • Life in Christ is related to the truth of God’s Word, and God’s Word stands over against the relativism and secularism of this age which produce misery and death;
  • Training in God’s Word, through the biblical, theological and apologetic disciplines, is essential for the development of Christian character, commitment, and competence in ministry.
  • The biblical training offered must be wedded to the mission of Christ’s Church, which is the Great Commission.
  • The Great Commission is advanced through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as students are equipped to proclaim the gospel and to multiply and revitalize churches.
  • The proclamation of the gospel and the multiplying of evangelical congregations nationally and internationally will lead toward the end that the earth will be filled with the glory of the Lord.

* Dr. Douglas Kittredge is Dean of the Fredericksburg extension of New Geneva; and Adjunct Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology. He is Senior Pastor of New Life in Christ Church, Fredericksburg, VA.