Genesis 4:1-16

As we move from Genesis 3 to Genesis 4, we move from the garden to the wilderness, and we notice that it didn’t take long for the effects of sin to appear – the next generation was consumed by it. From the first moment that sin came into the world, fallen human nature has resisted God’s presence and God’s law. For Cain, it meant murdering his own brother. Unbelief was not a small thing for Cain – unbelief brought him further into sin, further into the unthinkable, and further from God. He ignored God’s ways of blessing and belonging: through repentance, faith, and worship. Cain gives us a picture of unbelief, a path that God warned him from, and warns us from it so that we may walk in the newness of life. Today, let’s look at three marks of unbelief, and remember the goodness of God that leads us from sin to faith.