“Staring Judgment in the Face”

What is the role of Christian faith in a sinful and evil world? We don’t always know what to do with the sin and evil around us. Do we move into our prayer closet and pray about it? Do we get busy in solving and addressing it? Not knowing what to do with it leaves us in a spot of inaction or the wrong kind of action. It leaves us with anxiety or worry, with hopelessness or cynicism, with complacency or angry violence. The enemy does not want a kingdom of righteousness. He wants to separate people from God, to generate hatred of our neighbors, and to become inactive or unproductive. The call of the Christian is to love the people of the world and to light the world up with the hope of the gospel. But to do this, we must not get entangled with the world. God is building His kingdom within this sinful and fallen world. This is the kingdom we are called to be part of, and the kingdom we are called to make known.