Proverbs 4:1-9
“This Juice is Worth the Squeeze”

While you may purchase your juice from a grocery store, everyone knows
that fruit juice comes from some kind of fruit. The taste of that juice is determined by many factors, not least of which is the quality of the fruit from which it was sourced. And the juice won’t flow out of the fruit in quantity unless pressure is applied: the fruit is squeezed. All of this comes at a cost, hence the saying: Is the juice worth the squeeze? Is what you get worth the cost and effort you are putting in? What is the “juice” for which you are living your life? Is it worth it?
Today we continue a series from the book of Proverbs, looking in chapter 4 and considering the cost of a relationship. There are many counterfeits and distractions, yet mankind is created in the image of God for a relationship with Him. Only a vital relationship with the living God satisfies your heart’s “deepest longings, meets, supplies its every need, compasseth me round with blessings: Thine is love indeed!” Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting by Jean Sophia Pigott (1876)