Romans 6:1-14

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave, a
historical reality that has implications for our faith. First of all, the resurrection
shows the historic credibility of faith. There are spiritual implications as well. The
resurrection shows us the new potential we have in Jesus Christ. Where we
used to be stuck in sin and life's circumstances, now through faith in Jesus, we
are set free to live the life God has for us to live. Today's passage shows us how
the resurrection transforms us and shows it's power to free us from sin and bad
habits to live a life that pleases God.
1. Sin, You Are Dead to Me! (Romans 6:3-7)
John 8:36—Freedom in Christ is freedom from the power of sin
2. I am Alive to God! (Romans 6:8-11)
Romans 6:23—The consequences of sin is death as sin creates more sin
Romans 8:1—As the condemnation of sin is removed, the power of sin over
us is removed
3. God’s Power for You is in Christ (Romans 6:12-14)
4. Uniting to Christ – Knowing His Power
Matthew 28:18–20— The power of Christ in us, comes from the fact Jesus
is with us
2 Peter 1:3—We have what we need to be godly
1 Corinthians 6:14— the same power that raised Jesus will be used to raise
us to life
2 Timothy 1:7—the Spirit of God is the power of Christ working in us
Philippians 4:13—the power of Christ strengthens us to thrive in
challenging circumstances
Colossians 1:11—because of Jesus’ power, we can bear fruit