Malachi 2:10-16

Continuing in this (parallel) sermon series from the book of Malachi, his third oracle
brings charges against God’s people for their faithlessness. Faith is a belief or trust,
along with a demonstration of commitment. On behalf of the LORD, Malachi
charged the people with being “faithless to one another'' and “faithless” to their
spouses. According to Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, the people were “not
adhering to allegiance or duty; disloyal; treacherous…not true to [their] covenant…
not observant of [their] promises.” The Westminster Larger Catechism explains that
“The duties required in the eighth commandment [Thou shalt not steal.] are, truth,
faithfulness, and justice in contracts and commerce between man and
man…” (Q141) and that this commandment forbids, “injustice and unfaithfulness in
contracts between man and man, or in matters of trust” (Q142)