"Genesis" Tagged Sermons

“Origins: The First Couple”

When God said, “it is not good for the man to be alone,” He taught us a critical fact of life – relationships are key for human flourishing. God’s solution to aloneness was the creation of another human being, and then to bind them together in a covenant marriage. Marriage is the bedrock of stability within any human culture, something which the world does not
take as seriously as it should. It is also something which God created to bring good to married couples and their children. Despite all the challenges of marriage and relationships, we know there is something good in intimacy that we need. Marriage shows us something about God’s ultimate purposes for His church and His ongoing demonstration of love. God has created us for companionship. Why are relationships so important for thriving?

“Origins: Man, the Image of God”

Today we want to look at God’s creation of the human race, It is the final step and apex of His work. As we review the creation of Man, we see that the Bible is clear that God created man in His own image. This means that God infused Adam with dignity and value not seen anywhere else in creation (even with the angels!). Without a right sense of identity, we devalue others and even ourselves and fall short of God’s purposes for us. When we have the right understanding, we are equipped to live for God and His purposes. What does it mean to be created in God’s image?

“Origins: This Is My Father’s World”

The world is a big place, and we often feel overwhelmed by the difficulties around us. Our doctrine of creation directs us to put our hope in the God who created the world and everything in it, instead of putting our trust in idols, objects, and animals who cannot help us. God is the sovereign Creator, and our doctrine of Creation shows why we can trust Him. How does creation show we can trust God?

“Origins: Let Light Shine out of Darkness”

We describe certain times of our lives as “dark times”. These are periods of time of little joy, feelings of oppression, and distance from God, His purposes, and others. On the first day of creation, God spoke light into existence. On the fourth day, God spoke the sun, moon, stars and every other celestial body into existence. In these two acts we see God’s providential care for us, and His call to believe in Him by faith. God spoke light into existence, He brought it into the world, and we need to choose His light if we are going to know Him and know the joy and love of God in this world. How do we live in God’s light?

“Origins: The Necessity of God”

Beliefs have consequences. What we believe about creation effects the way we live. Last week we learned how God revealed Himself as Creator and how all creation testifies to His creative work. Today, we want to
look at why God is necessary for the critical matters of life – morality, purpose, and community. Only the Biblical account of creation is adequate to give meaning to life and guidance in our actions. As God has made us religious creatures; we will find meaning only in Him. Where do we see the necessity of God in creation?

“Origins: The God Who Created”

One of the biggest questions we need to consider is the origin of the universe. It is not an idle question. The way we answer that question affects decisions we make on a daily basis. None of us were there for the beginning. Still, God in His grace chose to show us how it happened in the book of Genesis. The first thing the Bible shows us is not “how” creation happened but “who” created. These things are shown to us so we can know our personal Creator. What do we know about God as Creator?