Shape ‘N Race

A fundamental assumption is that the building of the Shape ‘N Race car is done on a honor system wherein the Tree Climber\Stockader is required to perform a minimum of 70% of the hands-on construction and finishing of the car. The car must be completely constructed during the current.

It is the intent of these rules to assure the use of the standard CSB race kit and to insure close compliance with the rules shown in the CSB Shape ‘N Race Hand Book

Width 2-3/4″ maximum, measured from outside wheel pins
Length 7″ maximum
Height 3-1/4″ maximum
Weight 5 ounces maximum
Wheelbase As determined by slots in the standard CSB kit (about 3-3/4″)

Nominal inside distance between wheels 1-3/4″ minimum
Nominal bottom Clearance 3/8″ minimum

Cars must use block, axels and wheels provided in the CSB Shape N Race kit. Decorative parts are permissible if securely attached and within size & weight limitations. Special Note – Due to the electronic scoring system it is recommended that the nose of the car be reasonably blunt when it is viewed from the top, so that the absolute front of the car will intersect the absolute center of the track. No part of the car may extend beyond the starting release pin.

Bearings, bushing, and springs are prohibited. Cars must be freewheeling and unguided by auxiliary contact with the track, i.e., the only contact with the center guide rail will be with the wheels themselves. Axels must be mounted directly in to the standard precut axle slots (no additional guides or modifications are allowed), maintaining the standard wheelbase. One washer of any sort of material may be added between each wheel and the car body. Special Note – Modifications/alterations to the standard issue wheels are not permitted. Modifications/alterations of the standard issue axels (beyond light sanding & polishing) are not permitted.

After the weigh in and inspection, each car will be impounded for the duration of the race. Unauthorized contact after impounding of the car is grounds for disqualification. Only dry lubrication is permitted. Powdered graphite is the most commonly used dry lubricant. Wheel lubrication on race day is permitted prior to car impound\inspection and at selected announced time.

Shape N Race Template
Shape N Race Template
Building your car
Building your car
Standard Dimentions
Standard Dimentions