2017 Shape-N-Race Details


This Wednesday (1/11/17) is the kick-off for our Shape-N-Race.  Race date this year is March 4th (we are able to have it one week later to give us more time).

The 6 Builder/Sentinel winners go on to the Regional competition on March 25th.  Please have your son bring their early Shape-N-Race and best Shape-N-Race cars to Boys Brigade this week!  I really need them for this week’s meeting!

We have simple design templates that can be used by Tadpoles and Tree Climbers (Builders and Sentinels too) and will have the band saw and sander every Wednesday – Dads can help other dads who aren’t experienced.

First step is picking a design for boys who are doing more than using the basic car templates we have available.  The cars don’t have to be cars – we have had trains, origami bird, abstract, trains, etc.  If possible, have your son bring (this week if possible) a car, model, or picture of their favorite car or what they want their design for Shape-N-Race to be.  We still have time after this week – but want them to have their design selected by next week.  It is great for dads to help their son come up with a design or select one of our templates.  Shape-N-Race is where your boys start learning (or continue learning) to work with wood – cutting, sanding, painting – it’s great for a boy to work on a project with their dad – and get time together.  I will have lots of additional Saturday/Sunday times available for those who want to work outside of Wednesdays and/or want help – just call or email for a time if you want – unless you just need tools and a place to work, I only work with one father/son at a time so that it can be dedicated time.

For dads that want to attend, I am teaching Car Design this Wednesday from 7:15 till 7:45.  I will be going over the attached “Car Design 2016”

I have attached “Derby Car Template” and “Car Design Template” as a resource for you to help your boy draw out his design

Developing a Design

Car Design Template

Warmly in Christ,