2019-20 School Year Family Bible Reading Guide

The great puritan Matthew Henry encourages us to continue pushing on in family worship: “They who daily pray in their houses do well; they that not only pray, but read the Scriptures, do better; but they do best of all, who not only pray and read the Scriptures, but sing the praises of God.” 

Are you looking for a family reading plan that includes Bible Reading, Prayer Prompts, a Hymn, and Memory Verses? Maybe you can use a devotion for breakfast or dinner, or maybe you are a homeschool family that wants a Bible devotion to start off your day.

Download the Morning Bell Devotional Here

The families of Christ Covenant School (CCS) use a tool called the Morning Bell and we wanted to make it available to the entire church. At CCS, we begin every day day with the Morning Bell. On Mondays and Tuesdays we do it together in our homeschool co-op. On Wednesdays through Fridays we use the Morning Bell in our homes. It includes daily Bible Reading, prayer prompters, and a monthly hymn. We sing the same hymn for a month to cultivate familiarity. There are also memory verses to incorporate into your week or your school calendar.

Download the Morning Bell Devotional Here

If you use it, the one thing I ask is that you let me know that you are using it so we can see how helpful it is for the future. Give me feedback on how it could be improved.

The Morning Bell Plan starts September 3 and goes every weekday through the CCS school year.