Adult Sunday School Classes (Fall 2015)

Summer Kingdom Classes
Adult Sunday School at New Life in Christ
(September 6 – November 29, 2015)

Come join us and grow in your relationship with Christ.  New classes begin September 6. Classes meet at 9 AM and are open to all.

Covenant of Discipleship
Taught by Pastor Doug Kittredge

Are you interested in joining New Life in Christ Church?  In this class Pastor Doug will cover the core convictions of the church, our structure as you prepare to make a public profession of your faith.  Begins September 6 in Pastor Doug’s office.

Bible: Romans: The Glory of God in the Cross of Christ
Taught by Chris Garcia and Mark Shigley

Romans has been described as the most theological book of the Bible. Far from being merely an intellectual work, we learn in this book how Christ’s death and resurrection fully atoned for our sins once and for all, and how this has made us children of God. Come join us as we study the astounding love of God and the hope and security we have in the finished work of Christ.

Christian Doctrine: Our Presbyterian Heritage
Taught by Jay Storms and Jeff McConnell

This study is important not as a matter of “Presbyterian” pride but as part of the process of seeking to know God and to make sure that we as individuals, congregations, denominations and the body of Christ are seeking God as He has revealed himself in the Bible. This class is as much about tracing the heritage of those that faithfully seek God’s truth as it is about Presbyterianism. We pray that this course will help us all to reaffirm the course that God has put us on and encourage us in our walk and daily witness to God’s sovereignty and grace.

Christian Living: Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens
Taught by Pastor Sean.

In this class, we will uncover the heart issues that affect parents and their teenage children during the often-chaotic adolescent years. Using wit, wisdom, humility, and compassion, parents will learn how to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication and learn and grow with their teens. This class is primarily a discussion class and will require weekly reading from Paul Tripp’s book Age of Opportunity. Pick up a copy online or from the church office before class begins.

Christian Practice: Prayers of the Bible
Taught by George Giddens and Dan Deaconson

Prayers of the Bible — see how God responded to praises, questions and complaints from people who truly believed Him to hear and answer.  We will apply to our lives today.


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