Adult Sunday School Classes: Fall 2019

New classes start this Sunday. Come join us and grow in your relationship with Christ. New Adult classes begin September 1 and go through November 24, 2019. Classes meet at 9 am and are open to all.

Membership: Covenant of Discipleship
Taught by Pastor Sean Whitenack (Pastor Doug’s office)   

Are you interested in joining New Life in Christ Church? In this class Pastor Sean will cover the core beliefs and values of the church as you prepare to join the church. 

Bible: Psalms (Part 1)
Taught by Pastor Doug Kittredge

Because there are 150 Psalms, readers for generations have focused on the Psalms individually without considering the Psalms that have gone before each Psalm or followed it. As a result, we view the Psalms in our personal context. The Psalms do tell a continuous story and need to be read and interpreted in their context not just randomly focused or based on themes. This class will see God’s story line for His people through the eyes of the Psalmist.  

Theology: Living in Christ’s Church
Taught by Doug Bergen                                      

We cannot understand the work of Christ without reflecting on the church he came to gather and build. The church, according to Scripture, is not just another institution created  by a religious establishment; it is the People of God, the Body of Christ, the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. So closely is the church united to the Lord that studying the church in the Bible will also lead us to know the Lord better. You are cordially invited to come and be a part of this class.

Biblical Counseling: How People Change
Taught by Pastor Sam Capitano 

What does it take for lasting change to take root in your life? If you’ve ever tried, failed, and wondered why, you need this class.

Evangelism Explosion
Taught by Robin Wilson  

All Christians are called to share God’s love. As faith comes from hearing God’s word (Rom. 10:17) so this class will focus on the Word of God and how to share God’s love in a clear, nonthreatening and easily understood manner (Evangelism Explosion). For those who want it, there will also be “on the job training opportunities” meaning visitation to see what God would have for us during this semester.