Boys Brigade Update Winter 2018

As we enter a new year, It seems like only a couple of years ago that I started in Boy’s Brigade when my first born son was 4 – He is almost 15 and I am realizing how short the time is that we have been entrusted as their primary stewards.

What do we want for them more than anything? How do we want them to succeed? What should be my biggest investments in their life? The new year is a unique time to think about this for a moment.

What do I want most of all for my children – That they would love God and seek Him first. There are a number of means of grace that are essential and/or contribute to that and asking you to think about a specific means of grace isn’t meant to minimize the others (Church, Sunday School, Boy’s Brigade, Youth Group, VBS, Baseball Ministry, Camp Hemlock, Music and Drama ministries). I have seen God do amazing things with a handful of boys and there was one thing they all seemed to have in common

– They had started to spend reqular time with God in His Word.

So what do you want more than anything for your son? I hope it is for them to love God and seek Him first. Once they are started, it seems to sustain itself and grow – but often it needs someone’s help to get it started and established – and since we are God’s stewards of them – we are the most likely and effective candidates.

Attached is a very flexible Bible Reading Plan (“Bible_Reading_Record”) for you to use with your children that are reading (for our youngest ones, you could do something like reading “The Jesus Story Book Bible” with them while you are teaching them to read before they are ready to be encouraged to seek God on their own in His Word) – as steward parents, it is not likely to happen without your active help – and it takes consistent involvement to help them make it a part of their life. I have seen a 7th grade boy’s life change in the most amazing way as a result of helping him to become consistent in spending personal time seeking God in His Word – this was a boy who had so many issues, that the church and the town had no expectation that he would succeed in life – and then they were humbled and God did more in his life than anyone they had ever known. We need to help them daily until this becomes part of their life, please seriously consider helping them use the attached flexible plan. Also attached are some plans that you may choose instead for our younger readers such as “Bible_Reading_Record-New Testament Psalms Proverbs” and “Children – Matthew-Childrens-Bible-Reading-Plan”.

What is a good goal? Something that is significant, but achievable – That is what I like about the attached plans – they aren’t tied to the calendar so they aren’t feeling that they are failing and behind if they don’t read every day – instead, they are seeing success and achievement while they build what we are hoping will become a life long habit. You pick the goal with your child – an example would be seeking to read a chapter or more on 3 or 4 days of the week.

I hope most will give this serious consideration and would love to hear from those who do – I and others would love to encourage your son if you are starting or continuing this endeaver. Especially look forward to standing back and watching what God does in your son’s life.

If I can ask for one more consideration of dad’s of 4-11 year olds. We start Shape-N-Race next week. Why do we do Shape-N-Race? #1 (and most important) – Boys to do a project with their dad – a lifetime treasure; #2 – Teach your boys that they can learn to do things they don’t know; #3 – Start teaching them how to be men and that they can learn basic skills; #4 – Teach them to take things to a higher level than they did before. God made us creators and learners – we want to teach our boys to be both. Boys treasure doing a project with their dads – this is the greatest blessing of doing Shape-N-Race. (Short pause – I or our leaders will work with all boys without their dads in their lives or dads that aren’t able to work with thier son – but for the majority of boys who have their dads in their lives – we want to help you help them). We want our boys to learn to do great things that are beyond their abilities (which means that we often will help them do something that is also above our ability when we help them start). The first step is to Help your son come up with an idea or design they want to build. Please let me know how we can help.

Warmly in Christ,