Invitation to 45th Anniversary

Dear New Life in Christ Church family,

July is a time for us to look forward, with God’s faithfulness in mind. The Bible regularly reminds us that Gods faithfulness in the past is encouragement for us to
live by faith in the present and for the future.

I want to especially invite you to celebrate Gods work as we gather for our 45th anniversary service on July 12 at 6 PM.

For over 44 years, God blessed us with the ministry of Pastor Doug and Mary Jane Kittredge. During this time, through faithful Bible-grounded ministry, God reminded us of our great hope, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The foundation that has been set is our plan for the future. 1 Thessalonians 2:4 states that we have been “entrusted with the gospel“. God has entrusted us with the best news ever told and tells us to make it known to a world that is in desperate need of good news.

As we celebrate 45 years, it is only natural to look forward to our 50th anniversary, and ask where we will be five years from now? It stimulates vision within to consider what things will look like then. Will we take our trust, the gospel, and use it for the purpose God has intended?

We must see the simple opportunity of faithfulness. We are in an extremely trying time.

Our nation has concerns about the coronavirus. There is a sense of unease as the virus spreads through the country and world. We are concerned for the health of the people around us and for the well-being of our nation, including the economy. Thankfully, our state’s numbers look good, and it seems to be under control, even as we learn to adjust to a new normal.

There are also concerns about the social order. People are confused as legitimate concerns about racism and police brutality have been overshadowed by groups using those concerns as a pretext for violence and destruction, even against churches.

It is at times like this that the gospel shines the brightest. It is the darkness around that brings forth the clarity and brightness of the light. This is the compelling call to faithfully worship Christ. Our devotion to Christ and fixed hope in Him is the witness our world needs. As we look forward to the next five years, we look to be faithful with the gospel, making Christ known, baptizing new believers, and teaching Jesus’ disciples to observe all that he commanded us. We look to reach more people from all nations, and more effectively reach our own community.

This is a time that we can shine the more brightly. As we live to the glory of God we know that faithfulness makes a difference. We have been entrusted with the gospel.
So come and join us in our 45th anniversary celebration.

We have finalized our picture directory and will have them available on July 12th. We plan a special worship service that evening and will have an outdoor reception following the service.

We hope you can come. If you plan to come, would you let us know you plan to join us? Here is an RSVP to let us know: RSVPs are requested, but not necessary.

Faithfully yours,
Pastor Sean

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