Israel Team Report #10

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our Lord calls us to consider the Sabbath a delight in Isaiah 58:13. So it was
for Mary Jane and for me as we worshipped yesterday at Jerusalem Baptist Church.
The worship was delightful with people from all over the world coming for
worship. I had opportunity to preach on “The glory of the Atonement” from Romans
3:20-31. There are many ways that the Cross of Christ affects our life from
Jesus defeat of Satan to the healing He brings to our lives and the example He
provides for us. But at the core of the Gospel is that we are truly sinners
under the divine wrath of God. God the Father has so loved us that He has
devised a way that He can be both just and the justifer of those who are
unholy. Jesus’ death both pays for the penalty of our sins but also satisfies
divine justice for our offenses to God. I had several of the younger people
particularly express gratitude for preaching the Gospel.

It is always good to see our friends there. We hear of how the Lord has
sustained and blessed them so richly. Mary Jane was able to follow up with two
of the women in the church today. I am so grateful for her ministry to so many
of the women on this trip.. Tomorrow she will meet with Araxi Bush and seek to
encourage her.

Today I led a tour of the Old City of a second group. What a joy and delight to
be with these who long to hear of what God not only did through His Son here in
Jerusalem but also what He is doing today through the power of the Gospel. One
of the couples is eighty three and they moved slowly but they were able to
manage the nearly eight hours of walking and seeing the Tower of David,the
Southern steps of the Temple, Caiaphas house where Jesus was taken when He was
first arrested and then the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
There was another couple who were 79. They are two very godly couples and their
joy today in enjoying each other and the sights that they viewed was a delight
to me.

My goal is to encourage them to pray for the peace of Jerusalem in specific
ways. I am so grateful for their interest and commitment to do so as well.

Thank you for your commitment also to pray. We plan to leave on Wednesday.
However there may be a strike of government workers. We pray it doesn’t affect
our leaving. We would be grateful for your prayer. May the Lord richly bless

Gratefully in Christ, Doug and Mary Jane