Israel Team Report #11

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Jesus said “In the world you will have tribulation;but be of good cheer, I have
overcome the world.” John 16:33

Today as we concluded our trip I went with this second team to the Palestian
Bible Society. We heard of the varied ministries of the Bible Society. Most
Palestinians only read one page of written material a year according to some
accounts. So the Bible society while committed to distributing the Word of God
also seeks to live the Bible. “We are the fifth Gospel ” People are reading us
and deciding about reading the Bible. The people working at the PBS are godly
people and live out the truth. They are very much involved in the community
serving the people .

In 2007, the head of the Bible shop in Gaza was martryed. He left a widow and
two children and a daughter on the way. The society continues working in Gaza.
One man asked why do you keep coming back here? They are living out the
perservering love of the Savior. I am getting a dvd of their work. I will be
showing it during our report on Sunday evening January 8th at 6PM If you would
like a copy let me know.

Foundational to a community is the written Word of God. Unfortunately for many
of the youth of Palestine they have only known the conflicts of the past eleven
years since the intifada and the Israeli government ‘s response.Almost every
family has a story of someone killed or imprisoned. So this opens them up for
the Islamic military extremism. The corruption of the Palestinian authority also
confuses the situation. Reading and reflecting are not part of the culture.
Please pray for the success of the Bible Society.

This will be our last report as we leave early Wednesday morning. What a joy it
has been to see friends and fellowship together. It is a dream come true to see
the way that Palestinian and Israeli brothers have come together. I am grateful
as to how national pastors are asking us for more classes and training in
ministry. I look forward to teaching and overseeing classes both at Haifa
Theological Institute and Israel Theological Seminary. I am thankful for being
able to delineate specific ways that you and others can pray for the peace of
Jerusalem. I am thankful for more prayer partners. We have great hopes and
dreams for the future. Someday Jerusalem will be a city of righteousness where
the Gospel reigns. The city will be a city of peace and not strife.

Thanks for dreaming these dreams with me. I praise GOd for you.

Faithfully yours in Christ, Doug and Mary Jane

PS Our Israel report will be at New Life in Christ Church at 6PM January 8,2012