Israel Team Report #5

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today our Jerusalem Gateway Partnership met just outside of Bethlehem.
What a privilege to live out what Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit
would come upon His Church and we would be witnesses in Jerusalem and
Judea and toSamaria and the uttermost part of the earth. Those attending
represented each of those areas.

Leon expressed his joy at working with each of these brothers and being
with them. He celebrated the graduates of HTI and how they will become
leaders in the churches.
Leon from the Messianic congregation in haifa and Danny Awad , the Arab
pastor in Bethlehem administered the Lords Supper to us. What a joy to
celeberate with Palestinian and Jewish brothers. Also there was a pastor
from Lebanon and those of us from America.

Nashat asked for prayer because the wall is inside their hearts not just
a physical wall. Pray for the walls to come down. One of the walls that
needs to come down is betwn evangelicals and the traditional churches.
Boith Danny and Nashat spoke of tgheir efforts to reach out to the
traditional churches such as the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.

Several asked for prayer to understand better what it means to disciple
someone. The need is to spend much time . Dont focus on numbers. “One
believer is like and jewel and needs to appreciated and cared for like a

One brother asked for prayer that there would be one Gospel narrative in
which both Arabs and Jews are in view in Gods plan. Evangelicals tend to
be dispensational and see Israel as always right and there is no reason
for Arabs to be in the land. Liberals tend to be for the disadvantaged
and poor and so Israel can do nothing good and there is much sympathy
for the Palestinian cause.

frank expressed how Nashat’s and Leon’s presentation at the General
Assembly of the PCA broke the mold and has created great interest in
ISrael and Palestine and the work of the JGP whgich works with both

There is great interest in our starting up Israel Theological Seminary.
This is something I will need to work on over the next six monthes.
Right nokw I am thinking of bringing a plan back in MAy when I return
and begin classes in February of 2013. But I am thrilled that we were
asked for this ministry of training.

The Lord is doing great things. We had great unity, great hopes and
great joy together. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Yours in the hope of the Gospel, Doug and Mary Jane