Mission Month: For God so Loved the World (John 3:16)

By Pastor Sean

Dear New Life in Christ Church Family,

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

In a sermon on Haggai last spring, we noted how “God is shaking the nations”. The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves through the whole world, causing people to ask questions they have never asked before – questions about life after death, forgiveness, and hope. Economies have been shaken up and even shattered. Individuals have struggled with loneliness like never before. Governments throughout the world are in turmoil. And people are looking for hope. 

The gospel is God’s message of hope for the world. Hope is found in a person; it is found in Jesus Christ. In Christ, God has provided a way of deliverance, a way of forgiveness, and a way of relief from the darkness and despair of the world. He has done it out of love. This love is offered to the world. Believe in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. The question is – do we believe it enough to help others know about it?

The theme for our 2021 missions conference is “God so love the World!” from John 3:16. Pastor Doug, Tom Worman and our missions committee have organized a powerful missions conference to set this vision before us. 

One year ago, our missions conference was interrupted by COVID-19. This year, COIVD-19 is our inspiration to keep this message going. In all the difficulty of this year, the world needs help. While we have less conference activities planned than usual, this should not hide the fact that the conference is more important this year than ever before. As the world emerges from its pandemic-inspire lockdown, people will need to deal with the spiritual and emotional damage this pandemic has brought. This is a great time of opportunity to share the gospel and support our missionaries throughout the world. 

We hope you can come and see the power and love of God for the nations. Pastor Doug has written up an overview of the conference below so you know how you can connect. You should have received (by mail) a similar letter to this and an explanation of our “Faith Promise” so you will know how we use the Faith Promise to support God’s work in the world. Please be prayerful about your commitment this year. We included a response card for your prayerful consideration. Your Faith Promise fuels the work of missions into the world.  On behalf of our missionaries and the people they serve, thank you for your faithfulness.

God loved the world that He sent His Son to forgive sin. May the Lord remind us of His love that we can bring gospel hope to our neighbors.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean

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