New Fall Adult Discipleship Courses

Fall Kingdom Classes
(September – November 2011)
Come join us and grow in your relationship with Christ. New classes begin September 4.

Covenant of Discipleship (Pastor’s Office) Pastor Doug Kittredge
Are you interested in joining New Life in Christ Church? In this class Pastor Doug will cover the core beliefs and values of the church as you prepare to join the church. (Begins September 4)
Christian Doctrine: The Truths We Confess Part 1 (Fireside Room) Bob Rumbaugh
“The Bible is the word of God. In this class we will look at what the Bible teaches concerning what we are to believe about God, what God requires of us, and how the Bible is consistent in all that it teaches.”

Christian Living: The Practice of Godliness (Room 203) Dan Deaconson
Scripture tells us that God has given us “everything we need for life and godliness.” But what makes a Chris-tian godly? In this class, we will examine what it means to grow in Christian character. We will see how char-acter formation affects the way we relate to God, to ourselves, and to others.

Bible: The General Epistles: Hebrews-Revelation (Room 207) Pastor Sean Whitenack
How much do you know about the contents of each book of the Bible? It takes time and effort to understand Bible, but when we do, we will know how to more effectively read the Bible for ourselves, and use the Bible in our ministry to others. During this class we will get a birds-eye view of these books, gaining a basic under-standing of the contents of the book, the historical situation, and its application to our lives.

Christian Practice: Evangelism Explosion (Room 205) Robin Wilson
Would you like to know how to tell others about Jesus? Evangelism Explosion is an effective training program that trains Christians how to tell others about the good news of the gospel that “heaven is a free gift which cannot be earned or deserved!” Join us as we learn how to tell the most important story ever told.