NLIC Weekender 10/4/2012

 New Life in Christ Weekender

A short reminder of events happening this weekend.

[Events listed after this short message]

[From Pastor Doug]

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our Savior clears our conscience through His life, death and resurrection on our behalf.  He also provides us His church where we are able to live out a conscience among brothers and sisters in Christ.


In 1 Peter 2:4-5, our God teaches us that as we come to Jesus, He fits us together as living stones into the temple of the Holy Spirit Jesus calls the church.  Think of it, God Himself fits us together as New Life in Christ Church.  The church exists only by faith in Christ.  We do not add ourselves to the church.  As we read Acts 2:47, “The Lord adds to the church those who are being saved.”

So often we forget that the church is of divine origin and we think of it only as a human institution.  But the Holy Spirit fills Christ’s Church as we worship and live for Him.

Next to salvation in Christ, life in the church is the greatest gift and joy to me.  The church has blessed my marriage, my family and my hope for a godly generation to follow me.  Indeed we have a good and godly heritage (Psalm 16:6).

The Lord has greatly blessed each of the ministries among our youth – Sunday School, music, drama, and care groups.  We look forward to the outreach of the Esther musical, October 26 & 27.  Soon enough we will be giving thanks with the Thanksgiving ministry followed by Christmas celebrations.  Each Lord’s Day brings us together for joyful celebration of the Father through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am so grateful to be part of the family of God with you.

Joyfully in Christ,

Pastor Doug

[Events List]


Campout for Christian Service Brigade – Our Boys Brigade heads out for a 2-night campout from Friday evening until Sunday morning.  Camping, training, equipping, discipleship, and worship will all be part of a great weekend together.  Boys (together with some of their dads) 4-5 years old, and Kindergarten through 6th grade will be at the campout.  Our Battalion (boys in 6th – 12th grade) will be coordinating many of the activities.  Contact Dan Deaconson (540-786-0389) if you have any questions.


Church Workday – Saturday at 8:00 AM the deacons have organized a workday to get our building and property in tip-top shape.  We have a number of small and large jobs that need to be accomplished, so there is certainly something you can do to help.  Please come and help as you are able.  Contact Craig Cuddy (239-565-7349) if you have any questions.

Dinner with Phil and Ann Schwab – 6 PM at Jay and Brenda Storms’ home.  Come and have dinner with Phil and Ann as we enjoy 35 years of ministering together.  Phil and Ann are missionaries we have supported as a church for 35 years and have had an effective ministry in East Asia and now minister to Ambassadors near Washington DC.  If you are interested in participating in this dinner, contact Jay and Brenda Storms (540-455-9616).


Register for Men’s Seminar on “Recovering Biblical Masculinity”  Men today find themselves in a world that minimizes the uniquesness of maleness in the name of equality. More than ever, the men and young men of our churches need a clear picture of godly masculinity to follow! (  We will have a table set-up for registrations.

  • Sunday School – 9 AM (see our web page for a list of classes)
  • Worship Service – 10 AM
  • Evening Service – 6 PM – Phil and Ann Schwab Speaking
  • Junior and Senior High Youth Groups – Sunday at 7 PM
  • Come to Pray – Corporate Prayer at 7 PM.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean