NLIC Weekender (12/26/2013) – Bible Reading Plans

New Life in Christ Weekender
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Merry Christmas!  I hope and trust that the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ met with you in a special way over the Advent season and through our various Christmas celebrations.  Our four week advent focus on Hope, Faith, Joy, and Love has been met with Jesus Christ.  Though we may face various trails during life, especially this last month, we know where these things are found.  They are found in Christ.  So we look to him.

As we look to the year ahead I wanted to republish something I sent last year because it is so critical.  Many of you will set goals for the year to come (something I think is very urgently needed by us as Christians) and Bible reading will be a center-piece of your goals.  I have published this many years to help people with reading the Bible, many have found it helpful, so I will republish it again this year with some small changes.

Jesus says “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” (Luke 21:33)  If we are to believe Jesus here, we quickly realize that there is nothing more eternally valuable than committing to reading the inspired Word of God in 2014.  To help you invest your time in such a valuable endeavor, let me challenge you read more of the Bible in 2014 than you did in 2013.  

Key to any successful plan of Bible-intake, you need a time, a place, and a plan.  In this Weekender, I want to give you a good plan to follow by providing a number of resources on the internet.  My personal favorite has always been the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan, and I have used it for some 10 years in the past, including 2013.  It still is my top recommendation for reading through the entire Bible as it makes reading through the Bible very accessible.

For 2010, I made a switch to the ESV Study Bible Daily Bible Reading Plan.  It is a lot more aggressive than the Discipleship Journal plan,  as it has you reading certain books twice: Psalms, Isaiah, Luke, and Romans. It took me the whole year and I barely made it.  On average, while I am always reading the Bible, and have family devotions daily, I miss a few days of Bible reading during the month, so I felt like I was playing catch up when I did this one.  On the other hand, I knew that if I missed too many days, I’d be in trouble, so the aggressive plan helped.  Still, I eventually moved back to the other plan because it lacked flexibility that I personally need.

If you are looking for a helpful but less intensive plan because you are worried about not being able to finish, I would recommend the New Testament in a Year Plan, especially if you have never read the entire New Testament.  The life and testimony of Jesus is so important, that we cannot even think that we will grow in Christ without a growing familiarity of the New Testament.  We will include this Plan in our January 2013 newsletter (out this Sunday) if you want to pick one up.

While I recommend one of the three plans above for your reading in 2014, there are bunches of other plans available too.  I’ll quickly mention some.

First, the one that has intrigued me the most, but I haven’t done yet, is the chronological Bible reading plan where each section of each book is read in its historical order. A handful of people in our church have done this with great encouragement.  I need to see Jesus in the gospels through the whole year, so waiting until October is a bit too much for me, so I doubt I will ever do this one.

Second, here is a Two-Year Bible Reading Plan, helpful for a more paced study through the book.

There are other Bible Reading Plans available through:

I pray that in 2014, that New Life in Christ Church will continue to know the blessings of lives saturated in God’s Word.

Check out the reading plans, read God’s Word, and take care how you listen! 

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean

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  • Sunday School – 9 AM (click here to see an online description of the classes)
  • Worship Service – 10 AM –Pastor Doug Preaching (Psalm 127– “The Blessing of the Lord”)
  •  Evening Service – 6 PM – Pastor Gary Preaching.  Pastor Gary will be starting off our new evening service series in a study through the Gospel of Mark.
  • No Junior and Senior High Youth Group and No Prayer Time this Sunday


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