NLIC Weekender (1/9/14): A Brief History of New Life in Christ Church

New Life in Christ Weekender
A short reminder of events happening this weekend

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Dear New Life in Christ Church Family,

Did you see Pastor Doug’s article from the January newsletter?  In case you missed it, I reproduced it below.  What a testimony of God’s faithfulness and we head into our upcoming stewardship campaign!  This Sunday, you will be able to register for the upcoming banquet on January 25 at 6:00 PM.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The first sermon at New Life in Christ Church was in 1975, “We do not preach ourselves but Christ Jesus as Lord and ourselves Your bondservants for Jesus’ sake.”  (2 Corinthians 4:5)

New Life in Christ Church has never existed to make a name for the church but rather to exalt and lift up the name of Jesus Christ.  When Christ is lifted up He will draw all men to Himself (John 12:32).  We have found Jesus’ promise to be true.

After nearly 40 years of ministry, we have a better place to see what God has done.  Since the 1980’s New Life has been involved in church planting both in our region and internationally.  One of our first elders, Terry Traylor and his wife Susan went into ministry in 1980.  On December 22, 2013 Terry went to be with the Lord.  At his funeral at least 30 pastors present said they went into ministry because of Terry.  Terry caught his vision for church planting through God’s raising up New Life in Christ Church.

Our vision is “Building the Kingdom through Training Leaders.”  Not only have we sent out pastors such as Terry, Steve Jennings,Kenny Christian, and eight other pastors ordained at New Life now serving in other places, but we have sent out numerous missionaries such as Billy and Yashmin Clark, Frank and Cindy Sindler and others.

Under God’s blessings the congregation grew.  We held our first stewardship campaign from 1987-1990 and by God’s grace moved into our present facility in 1988. We were mortgage free by 1994.  A building is a home and this new building allowed the Lord who dwelt among us to motivate the congregation with great initiative and voluntary service.  Sunday School attendance increased now that space was available for grade level classes as well as a variety of Adult classes.

Fredericksburg Christian Elementary School was housed rent free for over twenty years allowing Fredericksburg Christian to become established and grow to over 1200 students.

The people of God need to recommit to the Lord on a regular basis.  As part of the renewing of our love for our Sovereign God, the church came under the care of the James River Presbytery in November of 1998.  This decision was a refining of our vision.  For too long we had tried to be many things to our community.  In defining ourselves as Reformed in doctrine and Presbyterian in church government, we had to work through practically what those decisions meant.

By April 21, 2001, we had come through much of that process.  Our Savior provided us with new ministries:  an extension of New Geneva Seminary (Colorado Springs, CO) here in 2002, the care of Korean Agape Church, now in its twelfth year with us.

In 2005 our Savior graciously called Pastor Sean and Julie Whitenack to service New Life in Christ Church.  Pastor Sean is a pastor after God’s own heart which is described by the Apostle Paul as a pastor who will sincerely care for the Lord’s people rather than seeking their own ambitions and interests.

Increasingly Pastor Sean has trained up leaders as the Young Adult Care Groups have grown from one to three.  His discipleship ministry to others personally, as well as his overseeing the Session’s shepherding plan for the entire congregation have been a great encouragement.  His Doctor of Ministry project gives us great hope regarding training men for leadership in Christ’s church, the home and our community.

God has raised up Pastor Leonard and Amy Bailey to plant Hope of Christ Church in 2007.  This past year God allowed us to birth another congregation, Evident Grace led by Gordon and Amy Duncan.  Now we have a network of three congregations pursuing the vision of twenty new churches by 2020.  We also are involved in planting churches overseas such as one in Akiva, Israel and Bethlehem, West Bank.  A trip lead by Pastor Sean has aided a church plant in Dorchester, Mass. outside of Boston.

The new building completed in January 2012 has further enabled expansion of Music and Drama Ministries with offices, as well as rehearsal and storage space.

This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight.  We give all of the praise and glory to God.  Our vision is to see Christ reigning as King over the Fredericksburg region.  Completing paying off the new addition is a testimony to our community and a watching world of God’s faithfulness.

Please feed on God’s faithfulness, rejoice in what He has done and commit yourself to give as the Lord has prospered you to complete this project.

We have just begun to see what God is able to do.  The best is yet to come.

To God be the glory,
Pastor Doug



  • New Life in Christ hosts the quarterly James River Presbytery meeting – Thanks to the women’s ministry committee for providing hospitality for this event.
  • 9:30 AM – Easter Cantata Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 11:00 AM – Easter Cantata Choir Rehearsal


  • Sunday School – Combined Adult Sunday School in Sanctuary with Robin Wilson
  • Worship Service – 10 AM – Pastor Doug Preaching
  • Young Adult Potluck – 1 PM
  • Care Group Leaders Meeting – 4:30 PM
  • Women’s Ministry Committee Meeting – 4:30 PM
  • Evening Service – 6 PM – Present Officer Candidates
  • Junior and Senior High Youth Discipleship Groups – Sunday at 7 PM
  • Come to Pray – Corporate Prayer at 7 PM.


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