NLIC Weekender (9/27/2012)

New Life in Christ Weekender
A short reminder of events happening this weekend.

Dear New Life in Christ Family,

How are you doing on memorizing Psalm 121? Last Weekender I wrote about memorizing Scripture as we all look toward memorizing Psalm 121 together. Am I memorizing, you ask? Well, I got off to a good start, but I slowed down after figuring out verses 1-4, and have just started to work on verses 5-8 late this week, so I need to get back to work… Eight-year old Emilee Leaman showed us all up by reciting the whole thing in front of the congregation on Sunday – after just one week!

I received some great feedback from my comments on memorization in the Weekender, including another great method of memorizing the psalms … by singing them! Listen to this feedback for Dorinda McConnell,

“I couldn’t agree with you more about the importance of memorizing Scripture, but you left out one of the easiest ways to memorize the Psalms especially, and that is to sing them. Because we grew up in churches that sang the Psalms, both Jeff and I have a lot of them memorized or at least they are so familiar that a quick review will “revive” that memory (did that this week for Psalm 121-so much easier than starting from scratch!).”

What a great idea! And you don’t have to wait for church to sing it either (but look for us to sing Psalm 121 in the weeks to come!). You can bring song-singing (both Psalms and Hymns) into your personal life or into your home. For example, one of the best ways to end family devotions is with a hymn or psalm. Or, if family worship is not an option for you, you could work to know the psalm yourself and sing it through the day. What kind of witness would it be if people would stroll around humming Psalm 121 instead of the pop songs of our culture?

If you are interested, you can pick up a psalm-book (called “Psalters”) that rearrange the psalm to a musical. They are available online or, if you ask nicely, you can call the church office as ask Christine Fulcrod to order you one. My own family has spent time learning a couple of psalms by singing, and we have found that it keeps them more memorable to all of us. We used a book called The Family Worship Book which contains Psalms and Hymns that our family can sing as well as good scriptures to read and things to memorize.

As I close, let me ask you, how could you include the singing of psalms into your life? Do you think it would help you memorize a psalm? How could it improve your discipleship of your children to sing like this? Food for thought as we seek out food for our souls.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean

[Events List]
Junior High Retreat – Parents have your students to the church at 4 PM. The youth will return Saturday evening.

Senior High Girl Lock-in – This Friday, September 28th, there will be a senior high youth group girls’ lock-in in the new youth group room staring at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and going until 8 a.m. Saturday. Enjoy a chocolate connoisseur’s class along with other fun events! We will also be having time of devotion and praise and worship. Bring sleeping supplies, food to share, and a friend if you’d like! Please rsvp to Brenda Storms by Thursday either via Facebook, email, or cell phone.

Register Sunday for Men’s Seminar on “Recovering Biblical Masculinity” – Men today find themselves in a world that minimizes the uniquesness of maleness in the name of equality. More than ever, the men and young men of our churches need a clear picture of godly masculinity to follow! ( We will have a table set-up for registrations.

Sunday School – 9 AM (see our web page for a list of classes)

Worship Service – 10 AM

Evening Service – 6 PM – Pastor Gary Sexton Preaching

Junior and Senior High Youth Groups – Sunday at 7 PM

Come to Pray – Join the Taste of Heaven Intercessory Prayer time Sunday at 7 PM. Come to the church to pray for your needs, the needs of God’s people, and the spread of the gospel throughout the world.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean