On Reopening for Worship (4/24/20)

I don’t know about you, but I long to worship together as a body once again. 

The way we gather for worship will also change as we think about reopening. We will work to make New Life in Christ Church a safe place to come and worship at. The situation is in flux, including government policies but we are thinking about what is necessary for reopening, currently set by the governor for June 10.

Back at the start of this pandemic, our church established a number of health and safety related changes. We will revisit those and other changes we need to address so that people are comfortable to come back at the right time. We anticipate that not everyone will come back at once. In fact, we may even discourage certain groups of people from attending at the beginning. We will continue our live stream for everyone who remains at home. Please pray for us in this, and let us know your concerns. This is the time we especially have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.

As a church, we are busier than ever proclaiming the gospel, worshipping, praying, building community, teaching, and serving our community. I am especially grateful to our other pastors, elders, deacons, care group leaders, and all our Bible study leaders. These people have reached out and have help to keep us all connected. I just have to say again how grateful I am to Scott Oberlin, Sean O’Hara, and Drew Kittredge for keeping our live stream going. I am grateful for how many continue to work from home, many are making masks for the community, we are helping each other move, and reach out to those in need.

Grace to you and peace in all that you do. I eagerly look forward to the chance that we will be in one room worshiping together again someday. When this all passes, we will look back and be amazed at how God carried us through this.

I continue to pray for your health, and your well-being, and asked that if you need anything, please let me, one of our pastors, your Shepherd Elder, or care group leader, or anyone in leadership know how we can help.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean