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From Pastor Gary

“And all who heard him were amazed at his understanding and his answers.”
Luke 2: 47

Dad was my Little League Baseball coach, using the game as a way to teach life lessons. One of his major emphases was to build the team’s confidence, unity of effort and winning spirit through “Dugout Chatter.” Getting the guys in the dugout to focus on their teammates on the field was a big deal. This kept “everybody’s head in the game.” To do this, he encouraged the bench warmers to call out encouragement to their buddies; especially when they were at bat. “Pick a good one!”  “Be a hitter!”  “Eyes on the ball!” “Don’t kill it, just meet it.”  He firmly believed that everyone had an investment in the game. He knew that the Moms and Dads in the bleachers could read the morale of their kids by the volume and energy of the “buzz” created by their enthusiasm and winning attitude. The best part was being on the rail, rallying our teammates in those come from behind situations, and then streaming by our pals as they came to the dugout having triumphantly chalked up another run. It helped us believe in ourselves and give our best efforts.

During Focus Day, January 26, 2013 we committed in Item #24: to “improve communication between ministries and between ministries and parents. To be better at communicating the vision of different ministries within the congregation.”  In fulfillment of that commitment the Missions Committee is pleased to announce the unveiling of the Mission Page on our NLICC Website (http://www.nlicc.org/missions/)   Our hope is that this user-friendly strategic communications tool will help us turn vision into action and to fulfill our New Life in Christ Missions Mandate: “To Glorify and Enjoy God by Building Christ’s Church from Fredericksburg, VA to the Uttermost Ends of the Earth.”

As the Missions Webpage matures, you will discover invaluable and timely updates on our supported missionaries around the world, the local outreach ministries of our congregation, and resource suggestions for growing into becoming World Christians — those whose Biblical worldview includes seeing the World as our loving Saviour sees it.  A jointly-authored blog will provide missions-minded reflections designed to deepen our commitment to pray, pay, and foray into the mission field ever white unto harvest. Your Missions Committee welcomes your feedback and blog contributions as together we “Build God’s Kingdom Through Training Leaders.”

Pastor Gary
Missions Committee Recording Clerk &
Internal Communications Coordinator


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