Phase 3 COVID19 Ministry Plan and Building Use

This plan has been approved by the Reopening committee of the New Life in Christ Church Session on July 3, 2020.

In service to God, love for one another, and love for our neighbor we believe we should host in-person worship services. Please use your best judgment in deciding when to rejoin public worship. We are doing our best to provide a safe worship environment, but we cannot remove all risk. We believe everyone has to make this decision for themselves and we will give grace, understanding, and compassion to everyone in the decisions they are making.

While masks are optional, the CDC recommends, “Everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public.” Please read this website for clarification and safety practices:

We have placed in person worship as the highest priority, but have also sought to include all aspects of our covenant community.

  1. WORSHIP – As of May 17, we began two services (8:30 and 10:30 am) under the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Phase 1 plan. We will continue this approach while considering options to add in-person Sunday school. Evening (6 pm) services began meeting in-person on June 7 and will continue. Celebration of the Lord’s Supper continues as of the first Sunday of the month (i.e. June 7) using a strategy in compliance with applicable guidance.
  2. CHILDREN – We encourage children to worship with their families and are beginning to consider options for in-person children’s ministries starting in the Fall, with Nursery being
    a priority.
  3. FOOD – Events using food may be hosted, as long as Virginia’s guidelines are honored, particularly social distancing. (For details, see Virginia Phase 3 “Restaurant and Beverage Services” guidelines.) In addition, any food options that are not available as prepackaged or single-serving portions shall be served by designated servers with proper safety measures in place (e.g. masks, gloves, social distancing).
  4. IN-PERSON MEETINGS FOR ADULTS (HOME OR CHURCH) – All in-person meetings should continue to follow Phase 3 guidelines and maintain the principles of: 1) Health and Safety; and 2) Inclusion.
  5. CHOIRS AND ARTS MINISTRIES: Choirs and arts ministries can meet, as long as they practice appropriate social distancing while rehearsing and singing.
    • Handbell choirs and Drama can continue, provided they practice social distancing.
    • Drama can meet with social distancing. Children’s drama shall follow the parameters of children’s ministry. Adults shall follow the in-person meeting guidance.
    • PRIVATE USE OF BUILDING: On a case-by-case basis, members may use the building for private lessons and study groups, provided they allow for adequate cleaning time before NLIC ministries, follow social distancing, and are approved by the church office.
    • NON-CHURCH GROUPS: We will not be able to host large, ongoing non-New Life in Christ Church groups for the foreseeable future.

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