Preparing for Sunday Worship

You will find that preparing for streaming worship may be helpful for getting the most out of the service. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the service.

Remember, you are joining a service of worship. The way we prepare for worship prepares our heart to hear God’s Word. There is no one who will check up on you in these things, so these are suggestions just for you to avoid casualness that will miss God’s best for you:

  • Go to bed at a good time on Saturday and wake up on time. 
  • Ready your hearts for worship by focusing on things that get you ready to worship. Save other things until later. Consider starting with prayer and Bible Study.
  • Finish breakfast before attending. 
  • Get dressed for church. Get out of your pajamas and put on the kind of clothes that make you think you are doing something important. Remember, God is *your* audience and we don’t dress up on Sundays as a fashion show, but in respect and love for God. Don’t discount the way that getting dressed also prepares your mind and heart for worship.
  • Arrange your seating around the livestream to promote a posture of purpose in worship. 
  • Download and print the bulletin. We have an updated bulletin that is easier to print. Just print the pages you want. We updated the link so it is easier to print than ever.
  • Sign the guest book. If you are willing, we are asking everyone to sign in, both members and visitors. Put in any comments or prayer requests. There is a link just below the live stream, or you can click here: 
  • Vigorously engage in worship with your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength (including your voice) along with those around you as we all do the best we can given our circumstances. 
  • If you are willing, take a picture or video of those gathered in your home to share later on social media with the #nlicalive hashtag so we can enjoy at least that much fellowship with one another. 
  • Giving is part of worship to God, so take time before, after, or during the service to give. Giving is available online, through the web page, or through the phone app. Or, you can mail or drop off tithes and offerings to the church office.
  • Practice the hymns ahead of time. You can find out the hymns by looking at the bulletin online. This is something you can do every day through the week, maybe as part of dinner devotions or a morning quiet time.


We are praying for a glorious worship experience wherever you are!


Pastor Sean