Summer 2012 Sunday School Classes

Summer Kingdom Classes
Adult Sunday School at New Life in Christ
(July – August 2012)

Come join us and grow in your relationship with Christ. New classes begin July 1. Classes meet at 9 AM and are open to all.

Covenant of Discipleship
Taught by Pastor Doug Kittredge
Are you interested in joining New Life in Christ Church? In this class Pastor Doug will cover the core convictions of the church, our structure as you prepare to make a public profession of your faith.

Christian Doctrine: Biblical Economics
Taught by Larry Plating
All things come from God, go through God, and back to God, according to Romans 11:36.This course will be investigating the Bible to discover and discern the rudiments and principles of economics and how they apply to our self, our home, our church and civil government. We will learn about internal and external changes we can make in our own hearts and lives.

Christian Living: Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money
DVD curriculum facilitated by Robert Williams Jr.
Would you like help managing your money? With more than 2,350 verses addressing finances, the Bible is a blueprint for managing the resources God has entrusted to us. This course is a basic introduction to Biblical financial management and includes teaching from Ron Blue, Larry Burkett and other respected financial counselors. Discussion topics include debt, counsel, honesty, giving, work, savings and investing, and teaching children about money. Please note that this is a new course that has not been taught previously at New Life in Christ Church.

Bible: Genesis
Taught by Jeremy Greenberg and Alan Dowell
Starting with creation and continuing through the entire book of Genesis in 9 weeks, we will see how God chose a group of people to be a blessing to the world and we will learn what bearing that has on us today. Knowing the message of Genesis will deepen your understanding of the whole Bible and thus deepen your enjoyment of God, strengthening your faith and walk with the Lord. This class is perfect for someone whose who want to be challenged to go more in depth in their study of Scripture or for those who feel they are just getting acquainted with the Bible.

Christian Practice: Teaching to Change Lives
DVD curriculum facilitated by Pastor Sean
Would you like to teach more effectively? Whether you’re a pastor, Sunday school teacher, school teacher, parent, small group leader, or mentor, Teaching to Change Lives will renew your thinking about teaching and unleash your effectiveness as a communicator of biblical truth. Using seven dynamic steps, Dr. Howard G. Hendricks will tell you how to teach with a life–changing impact. Please note, we ask that anyone who would like to teach a Sunday school class in the future attend this training.