Taste of Heaven

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

As we call the covenant believers of New Life in Christ PCA to a consistent congregational culture of prayer, we commend the following template for intercession in personal and family devotions,  Care Group, and Sunday P.M. Intercessory Prayer Group settings.


  • The Glory of God.  That the Lord would magnify Himself in our covenant life together in NLICC. That we would know the reality of His holy, just, loving and merciful character in our midst.
  • Our Conformity to Christ.   For the forgiveness of our corporate sins of indifference and disobedience with respect to our neighbors and community. That we will be spared the malaise of consumerism, and tendencies toward becoming insular and self-absorbed as we seek to be a “for others” congregation of Christ’s Body.
  • Our Missions Ministries.  For the efforts of our Missions Committee as it assists in the cultivation of a World-Christian awareness and the implementation of the Great Commission.  For our missionaries in particular and their specific request areas.  For the evangelistic outreach to bring new converts and disciples to be intentional students and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. For the work of the college/university outreach at Mary Washington University.



To include MTW, MNA, Jerusalem Gateway Partnership

  • Our Pastors.  For the spiritual protection, wisdom, unity, vision and faith of our pastors as they seek to equip the saints for ministry and provide pastoral care in life’s various extremities.
  • Our Session.  For spiritual protection, wisdom, unity, vision and faith as they provide over-shepherding of the saints of NLIC.
  • Our Diaconate.  For spiritual protection, wisdom, unity, compassion and faith as they provide stewardship of the resources for ministry at NLIC and mercy ministry in our community.
  • Our Faith Formation Ministries.  For the shaping of a Christian worldview, mindsets and lifestyle by the faithful teaching and application of God’s inspired, infallible, inerrant and authoritative Word of God. This includes our Sunday School,  Men’s and Women’s discipleship ministries, our Senior/Junior High Youth Fellowships, Covenant Christian School, Boys Brigade,  Pioneer Girls,  Children’s Worship,  Nursery Ministry, and Sport’s Ministry This also includes New Geneva Seminary (Colorado and Virginia campuses)
  • Our Worship Ministries.  For the glorious worship of the Triune Living God through the Scripturally shaped liturgy and musical ministries (Choirs, Hand bells, Drama). That the biblically faith administration of Baptism and Lord’s Supper would strengthen us individually, familialy and corporately as we are conformed to the image of Christ. (2 Corinthians 3:18)
  • Our Care Groups.  For compassion, unity, faithfulness and transparency as we provide the sacred environments that enhance reciprocal Christian living (“one another”) patterns.
  • For Our Pulpit Ministry. That the Word of God would go forth from our pulpit rightly divided,  confidently preached, with transformational  authority by the Holy Spirit’s anointing, thereby deepening the understanding and living of Biblical Principles in our individual, familial and corporate life.
  • For Our Infirm. That God ‘s mercy, deeper  healing and compassionate presence would be manifest for our aged, infirm, sick and suffering (spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical).
  • For Church Planting. That the Lord would strengthen us to believe Him for the planting of Churches in the Northern James River Presbytery. That these church plants would glorify Him as they live out the salt and light effect of the Gospel of the Kingdom for the salvation of our neighbors.
  • For James River Presbytery.  That the Lord would bless the work of James River Presbytery as it cultivates biblical connectionalism and confessionalism pursuant to the advance of the Gospel in our part of the world.
  • For our Civil Authorities. That God would bless those in Romans 13 authority over us at the local, state and federal levels with integrity, principled leadership and humility. That this means of common grace would contribute to the advance of the Gospel by faithful churches in our land.


Soli Deo Gloria