Upcoming Men’s Seminar – October 13, 2012

This is an invitation to the leadership of NLICC for the seminar that we have been promoting.  We (Sean, Alan, and I) wanted to get a reasonable head count of the leaders for the breakfast and/or seminar on Oct 13.  If you would be so kind to RSVP (by email or on Sunday morning), we would greatly appreciate it.  Please include whether for both breakfast and seminar or seminar only.  We will be registering again the next two Sundays after the morning service.

So far we have about 18 signed up (first Sunday of registration).

If you are interested in more information than the flyer provides, Gary Yagel’s web site is www.forgingbonds.org

Our character (who we are) is molded from different influences:  Our parents (which we had no control over); the times and culture we are born into (again, no control by us); our peers, role models, and heroes (these we select for various reasons, hopefully for character building rather than what leads to flaws in character);  and our convictions.  Our convictions can be influenced by the peers, parents, role models, and heroes, but to ensure that we get it right, Scripture is the best way to shape a godly man (Psalms 119:9 “How can a young man keep his way pure?  By living according to your word.”).

We may have “worked out” our own manhood, but as we are influenced, so we influence succeeding generations.  We do not have as firm a grasp on culture’s influence on those generations as our own.  We hope in the seminar to develop a deeper appreciation of how God used others in making us men and how He uses us and others to mold the following generations of men.

We covet your prayers if you are unable to attend.

By His Grace


George Giddens