Voting and Voter Registration: Rendering to Caesar the Things That Are Caesar’s

We are blessed to live in a nation founded on the principle of Christian self-government. By God’s providence, COVID has presented new opportunities in how we live our daily lives and fulfil our obligations as citizens before our God and our neighbors. We provide this information to assist you in fulfilling your civic duty to vote (Matthew 22:21).

The Commonwealth of Virginia has authorized in-person absentee voting (without having to provide an excuse on the form), starting Friday, September 18, at your local registrar’s office. In-person absentee voting ends Saturday, October 31, 2020. (In Spotsylvania, there are dedicated absentee voting machines, just like at the polls, and these votes count just as if you had voted on Election Day.)

Ensure your registration is up-to-date (in case of an address or name change which might conflict with your driver’s license) by checking your status here. The deadline for voter registration or updates is Tuesday, October 13, 2020. If you do not update your registration, you must vote at your former polling place as no changes may be made after that date.

If you choose to instead vote by mail, keep in mind the weeks for processing, mailing the ballot and your return of the ballot by Election Day. You may request your absentee ballot online at the Citizen Portal or print out a pdf to mail. Special instructions for military/overseas voters can be found here.

First-time voter registrants in Virginia and first-time absentee voters must provide proper ID. Please contact your local registrar about the process of providing a photocopy of your ID if sending your voter registration or absentee ballot request by mail.

Tip:  Handle your registration and absentee voting requests now as it is more difficult to contact registrars by phone as deadlines approach.