Weekender (3/14/2013)

New Life in Christ Weekender
A short reminder of events happening this weekend.

[Events listed after this short message]

Dear New Life in Christ Family,

“We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19)

“The best way of casting out an impure affection is to admit a pure one; and by the love of what is good, to expel the love of what is evil.” 

Thomas Chalmers, The Expulsive Power of a New Affection

Performing weddings is one of my greatest privileges as a pastor; I love every part of it, including the pre-marital counseling!  Another great joy I have is time visiting new parents; visiting them and their babies in the hospital, baptizing a baby, and watching the child grow.

One of the amazing consequences of events like these is how lives change because of them.  Men and women, previously content to live independent lives, now set aside their independence for the sake of marriage.  Men turn away from selfish decisions so they can win the heart of the woman they love, and vice-versa.  For someone so lovely, so wonderful, their independent way of life is easy to leave.

The arrival of a new baby is similar.  The sparkle in a parents eyes show that a new love has entered into the new parent’s life.  After a few years, parents often say, “I never knew how selfish I was until I had children!”  Out of love, these parents have learned to set aside their own desires to meet the needs of their children.

These are two examples of how a new love can drive out an old love.  Love for a spouse or love for a child drives out our old love for the love for self.

Thomas Chalmers, in the above quote, reminds us that true change only happens when our old love for sin is replaced with a love for Jesus Christ.  We will never stop sinning for nothing.  The allure of sin is too great.  It is too rewarding to be selfish.

But we will stop sinning for something, or should I say “someone”.  When we find a new love for Jesus Christ, that love for Christ will drive out our old love of sin.  Sin loses its power because we no longer love it; when we believe it no longer works.  Instead, we love Christ and believe that he alone will satisfy our soul.  This is something we learn from God’s Word, “For God, who said, ‘Let light shine out of darkness,’ has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” (2 Corinthians 4:6).

Do you find some areas of obedience “impossible”?  Maybe it is because you love something more than Christ, at least in that area of your life.

What is critical for growth to overcome the allure of sin and disobedience?  A growing love for Christ.  We grow in our love for him by meditating on his love for us.  Live according to the free offer of the gospel in your life.  Learn to live by grace alone.  Think frequently that because of his death, you are forgiven, adopted, and made holy.  By his Spirit you can obey and please God.

This is why good reading is essential.  Read your bible, pray, listen carefully as God’s Word is preached, reflect on the sacraments as they are distributed, join a Care Group, and find good books to read.   Learn about Christ and his work and learn to love him more and more.

Faithfully Yours,
Pastor Sean

[Events List]


Children’s Poster Contest Submissions are Due– Children participating in the annual poster contest should have their posters in before the church office closes on Friday (office closes at 4:30 PM).  Posters will be hung and judged on Saturday.  Look for them on the missionary bulletin board.


Women’s Mission Brunch at 10:00 AM (notice time change from typical monthly breakfast) – Join the women of New Life in Christ Church as they gather for brunch to hear Vida Plating, daughter-in-law to Larry and Barb Plating, share her stories of coming from Ghana to be a missionary among the Ghanaian people here in America.

All-Church Missions Banquet at 6:00 PM –This is our opportunity to meet as a congregation for a special dinner of international favorites, good fellowship, and special speakers.  Dominic Aquila from New Geneva Theological Seminary will be speaking and Vida Plating will bring a special musical offering.   Wear your international clothes and bring a dish to share (an international meal is a lot of fun).   Dinner starts at 6:30.


  • Combined Adult Sunday School (includes Junior High and Senior High) – 9 AM

For the month of March, all adults (plus Junior and Senior high students) will meet for a combined Sunday school class in the Sanctuary.

March 17: UMW College Ministry – Jeremy Greenberg
March 24: Israel Ministry – Jim Melnick

  • Worship Service – 10 AM –Dominic Aquila of New Geneva Theological Seminary Preaching
  • Officer Training – 4:30 PM – Elder and Deacon candidates – This will be our first meeting of our training time together.
  • Evening Service – 6 PM – Update on Local Ministries.  Join us as we hear of the great things happening in our local ministries: ministry to internationals, YoungLives (teen moms), and YoungLife Capernaum (special needs teenagers).

·      Junior and Senior High Youth Groups – Sunday at 7 PM

·      Come to Pray – Corporate Prayer at 7 PM.

·      Missions Movie Night – 7:15 PM – Go (virtually) to the front lines of pioneer missions work and see the mighty work that missionaries are doing around the world. We will be watching “Dispatches from the Front,” looking in God’s Word to see what principles missionaries are using to deal with problems like AIDS, hunger, and slavery, and to better learn how to pray for the work of missions around the world. Contact Pastor Sean if you have questions.


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