Weekender (May 23, 2013) – Background Checks at New Life in Christ Church

New Life in Christ Weekender
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Dear New Life in Christ Family,

“Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14

 New Life in Christ Church recently implemented a Child Protection Plan (available online by clicking here) that helps us as a church community protect children from those who would want to do harm.  (You can find a previous Weekender on this topic on March 21,2013).  In order to promote the safety, welfare, and protection of all children and youth participating in the programs and activities of the church and reduce the possibility that any child or youth will ever be subjected to physical or sexual abuse, NLICC has established a plan to increase awareness within our ministry to ensure the security and welfare of the children and the volunteers who work with them.

Part of our plan includes a background check and child protection training for everyone who works with children.  As many in our congregation work with children, especially within the nursery, most members of New Life in Christ Church will receive a background check and training.  If you are reading this email and work with children, first of all … Thank you!  Thank you for caring for our children by effectively discipling them so they can be like Jesus Christ.  Secondly, could you go ahead and request your background check so we can be ready for summer and fall ministries when they begin?

Jack Burrows has agreed to lead our initiative to get these background checks completed.  I asked Jack Burrows to update us on our Child Protection Plan and describe how you can get yours completed.

As most of you are probably aware by now,  NLICC’s Child Protection Plan requires that all individuals (18 years or older) working with our children must pass a criminal background check, view the child safety training provided by the website (and pass a simple quiz), and read the church’s Child Protection Plan and agree to abide by it.

To comply with our Protection Plan, I ask that each of you (18 years or older) who currently serve, or who wish to begin serving, in one or more of our many children’s ministries at NLICC to please go to the following link to access the online application/authorization form, which will allow me to order a background check:


Here, you’ll be able to complete the application/authorization and submit.  It should only take a few minutes for most people to complete. Please be sure you complete each page. The background check consists of a search of various national/state criminal databases.

Once you submit your completed application, I’ll then request the background check, and you should receive an email shortly thereafter containing a link to a Child Safety Training video which you’ll need to watch and then pass a simple quiz on the material.  Just to let you know, the training video consists of 8 or 9 modules.  But you DO NOT have to complete it all at once!  You can work at your own pace and complete it as your schedule allows.  Only one application is needed per person, regardless of the number of children’s ministries he/she may be involved with.

If you run into any problems or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, or by phone (540) 368-9065 (home) in the evening.

Thank you for your willingness to serve,

Jack Burrows

Thank you again for your love for our covenant children.

Faithfully Yours,

Pastor Sean

[Events List]

Sunday – Memorial Day Weekend

  • Children’s and Adult Sunday School Classes – 9 AM
  • Worship Service – 10 AM –Pastor Doug begins a new sermon series, “The Joy of a Clear Conscience”
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship Meeting – 4:30 PM
  • Evening Service – 6 PM – “A Night of Drama” – 5th-6th grade Drama; Children’s Drama and Drama Tots who will be presenting short skits showing the goodness of God.
  •  Junior and Senior High Youth Groups – Sunday at 7 PM
  • Come to Pray – Taste of Heaven Intercessory Prayer Ministry at 7 PM.


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