Dear Friends of New Life in Christ Church,

Welcome to the New Life in Christ Church website. We exist to glorify God by offering what we need most -new life in the person of Christ. Jesus Christ offers us an authentic spirituality. This spirituality frees us from seeking fulfillment and love in the wrong places.

Faith in Christ involves a transformation as a person comes to know God directly and intimately. To know God through Jesus Christ is to have life. As Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus Christ offers us His Spirit providing an authentic spirituality that continually satisfies.

As we seek to know Christ, many things can kill the intimacy of that relationship. Moral performance will never satisfy our spiritual needs. Neither can fulfilling religious duties or believing certain doctrines fulfill the spiritual cravings we have. But immorality also leaves us empty and unsatisfied. Irreligion does not satisfy neither does cynicism – these only lead to a life of boredom and defeat.

True spirituality comes through faith in Jesus’ perfect life, death on a Roman cross, and resurrection from the grave. The Bible is essentially many stories that come to completion in the one central story about Jesus Christ. This story is told with notes that explain the story often called doctrine. As a result of the notes, we understand the great historical events that reveal our Father’s character and heart. Our place in the story is revealed in the Bible as commands and exhortations. Our obedience does not replace the gospel story of what God has done for us. But God’s law gives us hope for the moral freedom and self-control that God can give us in Christ.

The culture and even many in the church first gave up the doctrine for sentimental feelings at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries. From the mid-twentieth century to the present, the culture and the church has considered the moral law of God irrelevant. That has only left the story. Now, some use “historical” and “archaeological” discoveries as an attempt to change the story.

We at New Life in Christ Church rejoice in the great historical facts of the gospel story of Jesus Christ. The doctrine explains the story and therefore we delight in the truth of the great historic doctrines of the church expressed in the confessions of the church. Our spiritual transformation from self-centered, self-satisfying seekers to servants who joyfully submit to One who freed us to find our happiness in our Creator God. Our freedom is in pleasing the One who knows and loves us best, our heavenly Father.

Come find your spiritual joy and share with us a new life in Jesus Christ!

In His joy,

Pastor Doug Kittredge