When NOT to come to Church Events

Truth be told, we usually want everybody to come to everything, or we usually want everybody to come who can. As we continue to remain in a pandemic, we want to ask that there be certain times that you don’t come, and I want to list them below. We believe that isolating (when sick) and quarantining (when exposed) is the single most effective way to maintain the health of our congregation.

Remember the long term, sickness passes, quarantines end and then we can get back and pursue Christ together. We may miss being part of something, or our kids may have a hard time knowing why they cannot go, but it will pass and will be forgotten.

By God’s grace, we have not had any significant COVID situations at the church and God has healed each one of our members who contracted it. We continue to ask your vigilance in monitoring your health before you come. 

By way of reminder, we ask that anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 or who may have been exposed to COVID-19 should not participate in our ministry, small group or children’s activities. We ask that you (or your child) not participate in church activities if any of the following is true for you …

     … if you are experiencing COVID symptoms: Fever, Chills, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, new cough, New loss of taste or smel
     … or if you have had close contact (within 6 feet for at least 10 minutes) in the last 14 days with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
     … or if you have been in close contact with someone who is waiting for a COVID test result
     … or if any health department or health care provider been in contact with you and advised you to quarantine
     … or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, until you are released by the health department or comply with the state standards of returning to work

Thanks so much for your patience in this. Abiding by the above policies is the single most effective thing we can do to prevent an outbreak at the church.

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