Women’s Ministry Update – 1/2/14

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Happy New Year!

Gretchen Trump selected this passage from “Valley of Vision” to help us focus on the Lord’s calling and equipping us to do His Will as members of the Women’s Ministry at New Life in Christ Church last month.  Thought we’d share it with you:

Valley of Vision: Service and Equipment

– from the Banner of Truth

Thou God of my end, Thou hast given me a fixed disposition
to go forth and spend my life for thee;
If it be thy will let me proceed in it;
if not, then revoke my intentions.
All I want in life is such circumstances
as may best enable me to serve thee in the world;
To this end I leave all my concerns in thy hand,
but let me not be discouraged,
for this hinders my spiritual fervency;
Enable me to undertake some task for thee,
for this refreshes and animates my soul,
so that I could endure all hardships and labours,
and willingly suffer for thy name.
But, O what a death it is to strive and labour,
to be always in a hurry and yet do nothing!
Alas, time flies and I am of little use.
O that I could be a flame of fire in thy service,
always burning out in one continual blaze.
Fit me for singular usefulness in this world.
Fit me to exult in distresses of every kind
if they but promote the advancement
of thy kingdom.
Fit me to quit all hopes of the world’s friendship,
and give me a deeper sense of my sinfulness.
Fit me to accept as just desert from thee
any trial that may befall me.
Fit me to be totally resigned to the denial
of pleasures I desire,
and to be content to spend my time with thee.
Fit me to pray with a sense of the joy
of divine communion,
to find all times happy seasons to my soul,
to see my own nothingness,
and wonder that I am allowed to serve thee.
Fit me to enter the blessed world
where no unclean thing is,
and to know thee with me always.

Current Announcements:

Prayer Meeting Wednesday, January 8th at 7pm
Bring the family and come spend some time in prayer.  Be a part of this special time held each year.  Come and get to know someone new.

NLICC hosting local Presbytery Meeting on January 11th – We’d love to have you join us!
Any table decorators out there?  We’d love some help!  The Session has asked us to provide breakfast and lunch for our presbytery leaders on Saturday, January 11th. In lieu of a Women’s Prayer Breakfast in January we ask that you pray about preparing food or helping to serve our leaders while they meet together. We’ll need volunteers to set out each of the meals and clean up. CLICK HERE to sign up for food and help. Contact Christine Fulcrod or Brenda Deaconson if you have any questions.  Note:  Some of the times have changed – breakfast will be later, so no need to be up before dawn to help!

Ruth de los Santos’ baby girl is expected by C-section January 14th.

  • Pray for healthy and safe delivery.
  • Pray that Ruth’s pregnancy induced carpel tunnel will cease.
  • Contact Phyllis DiBella  if you are willing to prepare a meal when the baby arrives.

Resolve to join us! Women’s Bible Studies begin January 13th and 14th

  • The Westminster Confession of Faith, led by Christine Fulcrod resuming Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30am on January 14th
    Child care available!
    Sign up with Christine at nlicspotsy@aol.com
  • How People Change, led by Pam Lopes beginning Monday evenings at 7pm on January 13th
    Minimum 4 participants required, please RSVP by Sunday,January 5th or class will be cancelled!
    Sign up with Pam at pam@nlicc.org

Directory Update
The office is updating and printing a new directory by the end of January. Please check your directory at home and provide any changes that you would like to make for your family.

  1. Did you drop a land-line? Let us know and we will remove the old number
  2. Names of adults, children and birthdates (we acknowledge birthdays monthly in our church newsletter)
  3. Wedding anniversary
  4. Full mailing address
  5. New emails for adults
  6. Cell phone #s for adults **Phone numbers can remain unlisted if you indicate that you prefer that. Only staff will see those numbers.

DEADLINE for submission: January 11th. Please email Pam Lopes at pam@nlicc.org with any new information

Gold earring found last weekend at church
Contact Pam in the office to identify – pam@nlicc.org

Update your Calendar – Changes for 2014:

  • Women’s Prayer Breakfasts will resume in February at 9am on the 2nd Saturday of the month this year (a change from the 3rd Saturday).
  • Women’s Ministry Committee Meetings will be the 2nd Sunday on the Month at 4:30pm.

Commit to reading the Bible in 2014
Pastor Sean has challenged the congregation to read through the Bible in the year (or at least read it regularly). Check out some of the plans he recommends in the Weekender or if you are even mildly tech-savvy check out an app like YouVersion and read on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

As you reflect on 2013, consider sharing what God has taught you in His Word or shown you through His providence as an encouragement or challenge to your sisters. Thank you, for each of you have shared this past year. Contact Annie Jedick or wm@nlicc.org to share your story. Has a sister in Christ shared an encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness with you lately? Ask her to share with the rest of us.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee

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