Women’s Ministry Update – 3/6/14

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Who’s Afraid of The Big, Bad Wolf?

by Tamra Corbeau

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me–just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father–and I lay down my life for the sheep.”
John 10:14-15

We stood at the lemonade stand just outside the queue, watching as the empty coaster whizzed, looped, and plunged its way through the morning test run. My young niece and nephew were giddy with anticipation and ready to bolt to the entrance as soon as ride opened. To a seasoned coaster aficionado like myself, The Big, Bad Wolf was only moderately thrilling, but for the 8-and-under set, it was a howling beast of high-flying excitement…or white-knuckled terror.
For my seven-year-old son, it was the latter, but I shrugged it off. He didn’t share his cousins’ enthusiasm for thrill rides, so he wasn’t going to ride. End of story…or so I thought. My mom, who had been watching Zack eye the coaster, had detected something in his demeanor that I had missed. When she whispered to me that she was certain he was longing to ride, but was losing a battle with fear, I wasn’t so sure. But Nana had a pretty good track record, so I pulled him aside to ask him myself.

As I talked with my son, the struggle within him was apparent. He desperately wanted to join in the fun and venture into unchartered “big kid” territory, but the path was guarded by a big, bad wolf. He sensed the potential for a “safe” adventure, but at the tender age of seven, he faltered in the face of this screaming steel behemoth.

I assured him that I would never make him ride, but if he wanted to, I’d be with him and help him get through it. He took a deep breath and nodded, so we bowed our heads right there at the lemonade stand and asked God to help Zack face his fear.

The wait was mercifully short, but despite my perky veneer and my niece’s repeated assurance that it was going to be “sooooo awesome,” the tension was almost unbearable as we approached the boarding area. I don’t remember much about the ride that day, but I do remember the look on my young conqueror’s face when we returned to the station. Offering up a silent prayer of thanks, I smiled as he leapt out of the car and bounded over to give his cousins high-fives.

After the cheers subsided, I asked him, “If you could go back in time and talk to yourself before the ride, what would you say?” With new-found confidence, he replied, “I’d say, ‘Don’t worry, Zack. It’s a little bit fun and a little bit scary, but you’re going to be okay.’”

Struck with the opportunity to apply a biblical lesson, I leapt at the chance. “You know, that’s sort of what Jesus tells us in the Bible. We don’t always know how things will turn out, and that can be scary. But Jesus knows the end of the story, and has promised to go before us and prepare the way. Because of Him, we’re going to be okay.”

My satisfaction in maximizing this teachable moment quickly faded, however, as I realized how often I had cowered before big, bad wolves of my own. How often I had tensed with apprehension as I headed up the next hill of uncertainty. How easily I had been shaken when life seemed to plunge out of control. How many times I had sensed God calling me to embark on an adventure, but recoiled when faced with the snarls of discouragement, pride, and fear of failure.

In the six years since Zack warily stepped into his first “big kid” ride, he’s long-since surpassed me as a thrill-seeker, and as I’ve continued to follow after the Father, I’ve learned to trust Him more. Still, life will always be a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, twists and turns, but I know the One who carefully planned my “track” and will never let me go. The longer I follow the Good Shepherd, the more I understand that I have nothing to fear from the big, bad wolves.

About Tamra:  Tamra lives in Lake of the Woods with her husband, Shannon (“Beau”), and son, Zack. She has been a member of New Life for almost ten years and serves as a secretary at Fredericksburg Christian School. In addition to roller coasters, she enjoys reading, walking, writing, and speaking. You can read her blog at http://tamracorbeau.blogspot.com/.

Current Announcements:

Message from Kathryne Marple at the end.

Ladies’ Missions Breakfast, 9am this Saturday March 8th in the Fireside Room
Karen Melnick, missionary with Friends of  Russian Jewry will be the speaker.  Tami Matozzi is coordinating.  Come fellowship!  Bring your daughter(s) and a dish to share.

Baby Shower for Cindy Hughes this Saturday March 8th from 1-3pm at Annie Jedick’s home.
Cindy is registered at Target, Babies R Us and Amazon.  RSVP to Annie.

Women’s Ministry Committee meeting, Sunday March 9th at 4:30pm in Room 217

Hope of Christ and Evident Grace Celebrated at March 9th Evening Service
Reception to follow – we hope to have many friends from both churches present.  If you are willing to bring a finger food to share, please sign up HERE.

Help with morning coffee treats for Sunday mornings during Missions Month.
Please consider contributing a treat one Sunday morning in March.  Sign up HERE.

Nursery Sunday School Opportunity
We’re looking for 2-3 volunteers who would be willing to commit to working in the nursery during the Sunday School hour.  It’s usually on a 3-month committment and can correspond to the adult Sunday School calendar (because it would be every week), but if some are just interested in committing on a smaller scale (a month at a time), that would be great too.  We have lots of babies on the way and can defintely use the extra arms and help!  Contact Karsta Toscano.

Talents to Treasure mini-conference, April 12th, 8:45am-1pm
Mark your calendars now! Talents to Treasure will be a fun time of fellowship and learning as we enjoy the talents of our sisters in Christ. Various small group sessions will be offered. You will have the opportunity to choose and then attend 3 of them. The sessions will include knitting, photography, jewelry making, healthy eating, gardening, and more! Sign ups will be in the foyer in mid-March. Keep watching for more information.

Shoe Drive (in any size or condition!) for Capernaum
Younglife Capernaum  is participating in a fundraiser for Camp scholarships that will benefit all of Fredericksburg! We are collecting old shoes that will be donated to a child in need or broken down into useable resources. These shoes that we are collecting can be in ANY condition. Our goal is to collect 3000 lbs of shoes. If you have any shoes that you would like to donate, please put them in the box in the hallway by the nursery.  If you have questions, please contact Gale Puffenberger.

Fall Women’s Retreat, October 24-26 at Blessings Lodge, Camp Overlook

“All the paths of the LORD are lovingkindness and truth
To those who keep His covenant and His testimonies.
The secret of the LORD is for those who fear Him,
And He will make them know His covenant.”
Psalm 25:10 and 14

  • Retreat theme:  “Sovereign God of the Covenants
  • Teaching by our own Marcia Vastine
  • $120 includes 6 meals and hotel style lodging with four singles per room, private baths
  • Reserve your spot at the signup table in the foyer March 16th and 23rd with a $40 deposit to NLICC, additional $40 payments due in June and September
  • Questions?  Contact Connie Both.

Accepting Nominations for Women’s Ministry Training through this Sunday
Women’s Ministry Training is applicable to a woman in any season of life and has been a great encouragement to those of us who have gone through it.  It is not necessary to serve on the Women’s Ministry Committee after completion of the training.  We invite young women especially to taste and see what God’s Word has to say about women in the church.   Please let us know by March 9th if you would like to join us or if you know of a woman that you think should serve on the Committee.  The training is a prerequisite to service on the Committee so we want to make sure that those ladies are encouraged to participate.  Submit your nominations by email to Kathryne Marple at  wm@nlicc.org. 

Long Distance Baby Shower for Ann Park
Ann and Doug Park are expecting again! She is due on September 7th. Doug and Ann moved to Chicago at the end of this past year and are visiting churches in hopes to find a new church home. Since they are still in our church covenant family and we love them dearly, we prayed for them at the Baby Prayer Shower and want to send them a care package next month. Tracy Greenberg has a card to sign, or you may want to write your own letter of encouragement. Tracy will be getting a Target giftcard to celebrate the new baby. Please contact her if you would like to add to it.  Tracy will be collecting through the Ladies’ Missions Brunch on Saturday.

Office Help Needed

  • Christine in the office is looking for some help with archiving our church history.  If you would be interested by sorting records and/or church pictures, please contact her at nlicspotsy@aol.com or 540-786-4848.
  • Please let Christine know if you would be interested in helping to update the Missions Bulletin Board on at least a monthly basis.  We would like to keep our missionaries’ information available to the congregation as many of them take time to send newsletters and pictures.  Also we like to highlight New Life trips and teams that are ministering on behalf of our congregation.
  • Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare? Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1pm some Friday. Takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!)  Questions?  Ask Pam in the office.

Note from Kathryne Marple, Women’s Committee Chair:
As we joyfully participate in our 39th Annual Missions Conference, I am impressed by its theme, “This is the generation that seeks the Lord,” from Psalm 24:6.  Recently, a sister in Christ and I have committed to texting each other, sharing what we have read in the Scriptures as an accountability to be consistent in our daily seeking the Lord in His Word. I am also in a weekly prayer partner relationship with another sister in Christ to share two praises, two prayer requests, and two areas of accountability in which we need support.  Is there a sister in Christ you can encourage and covenant with to hold one another accountable to seek the Lord in His Word and in prayer?  Have a blessed week as you earnestly seek Him (Heb. 11:6),  Kathryne

Do you have information you’d like passed to the women of the church?  Let us know at wm@nlicc.org.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee

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