Women’s Ministry Update – 4/10/14

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The Godly Man

by Christine Martin

  -He is kind. 

 -He is truly patient.

-He is soft spoken.

  -He isn’t easily irritated or annoyed. 

 -He treats those around him with respect.

 -He thoughtfully listens.

  -He lays down his life for others without thought for himself.

  He shares and shoulders the load alongside his wife….He is helpful.

  -He is present

  -He contributes willingly where he is needed. 

 He is intrinsically involved in the lives of his family.  

 He is patient and kind with his children. He shelters and respects his wife. 

I learned this beautiful lesson last Sunday firsthand.  I had the privilege of helping in the modular home during it’s preparation for the precious Clark Family. I quietly observed those around me without realizing that I had been what I’d like to call: “Strategically Surrounded.”  My Heavenly Father set me gently down in the middle of the living room with some flowers to arrange, and then began the most wonderful, heart-healing, life lesson.

Come, sit down here next to me, and I will share with you what I see….

First, I see Christopher Dale’s gentle, patient manner in hanging a mirror with his teenage son, John. He teaches him as he works. Earlier, I noticed him respectfully removing his shoes before coming inside of the house to honor his wife, when she isn’t even present. I see him quietly take on difficult, messy, extra tasks without being asked, after taking apart a dryer that needs a minor adjustment.

Look, here comes Steve Marple–he’s back again!  He has been in and out of this place positively all day long! I have watched him work tirelessly on multiple projects throughout the day, never once complaining. He even built a last-minute bookshelf for the girl’s bedroom, in his last free forty-five minutes before choir practice and evening service. He keeps returning to work diligently despite all of his many commitments. Earlier today, I watched him protectively speak up for his wife, having her back when she needed him to. She was tired, and he realized it.

There is Robin Wilson–he is very genuine and kind. He is determined to  make that laundry shelf fit perfectly–so it will be much easier for Mrs. Clark to use.  His schedule is packed right now, but He made time and came anyway. He is determined to finish what He started before he will leave.  Krystal and Alan Dowell are here to finish up the third bedroom. It’s the one the Seventh Grade girls Sunday School Class prepared.  Watch how he listens attentively while different people ask his opinion. He really listens–and then offers sound advice.  Look how he jumps in and helps his wife with all of the last minute finishing projects–they are little things, like hanging up key hooks by the front door. I’ve always done those things alone–but they work as a team.

Earlier today, I met a quiet sweet man named Al Raymond, who was so kind and attentive to his wife Cindy and all those around him. He took the time to help me adjust a lamp that was out of reach. Such a tiny gesture–but it made a lasting impression on me.  Jesus positively sparkled from that man’s eyes when he smiled!  Lastly, I met the most incredibly gentle mannered, humble man. His name is Tom Worman.

You would never guess by his manner that he was in charge. He softly thanked me repeatedly for all that the women have done in the home. He kept looking around in awe, and declared that he might just move in when all was finished it was so lovely!  He was kind, softspoken, thoughtful, and more humble than anyone. He reminds me of Jesus.

I have received a priceless Heavenly gift. I now recognize what a Godly man looks like. I understand now how he behaves, I see how he treats his wife and children, and those around him.

Our church is filled to overflowing with Godly men. They have helped me to understand what a Godly man is really like by their living examples. It was the small, quiet little details that declared them to be what they were the loudest. I am so grateful to them for their living examples of Christlikeness. My life has been touched and changed just by working surrounded by their company.

Thank you, Jesus, for all of your Godly Brothers, Sisters, Sons, and Daughters at New Life In Christ Church. Jesus, I have seen so many men and women in “ministry” in my forty-four years. I want to weep, because rarely have I seen so many concentrated in one body that remind me of you. Oh My Father, I thank you for the honor of being able to belong to this wonderful church that is overflowing with your Godly daughters and sons. Please strengthen them, fill them, and uphold them by your Almighty hand.  May they know persistence and the limitlessness of your saving grace as they raise Godly sons and daughters in your image.

I would like to thank you all for living out Jesus’ example, and for all that you do for your families and the others in the Body of Christ around you. I pray that you and your families are richly blessed.

About Christine:  Christine is the mother of 9 year old Zoe, who has filled her life like a fountain of joy. They live in King George, close by Christine’s Mother and Father. She grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. She is at her happiest when messing about in the dirt growing flowers, or just  surrounded by the beauty of her Father’s handiwork. She enjoys birdwatching, art, and old movies…and she loves to travel.  She and Zoe share their happy nest with three fat male cats named Ozzy, Tobey, and Jeepers.  She spends the rest of her time at the Headquarters Branch of the local Library, where she is one of the Assistant Heads of Circulation. She has been coming to New Life for three years, and feels like she is finally home.   She can be reached at christinemartin769@gmail.com.

Current Announcements:

Message from Kathryne Marple, Women’s Ministry Committee Chair at the end.

Talents to Treasure mini-conference, this Saturday, April 12th, 8:45am-1pm, lunch included
Talents to Treasure is this Saturday at 8:45am! Come excited to learn something new! Lunch will be provided at noon. If you are unable to stay for lunch please let Carrie know so we can plan accordingly. If you were unable to register but would still like to attend please do! There are still spots available. Contact Carrie Verbosky (carrie_verbosky@juno.com) with any questions! Please sign up HERE  to provide something for lunch….. at publication we still had a lot of holes to fill!

Mikaela Grace Hughes has arrived! – Meals for the Hughes family
Mikaela was born Sunday, April 6th to Caleb and Cindy Hughes.  She weighed 7lbs., 1 oz.  If you are willing to bless the new parents with a meal, please contact wm@nlicc.org and we’ll send the link.

Food Pantry Easter Tree
Did you notice the tree in the foyer last week?  Wondering what it’s for?  Connie Both has made food box ornaments for the tree to correspond to food pantry items that are needed to make boxes for those in need.  The boxes have items of varying costs so that you can pick those in line with your budget and shopping habits (she has even pointed out which buys are best at Costco!).  Some boxes are for monetary donations in case it is easier for you to write a check.  Take an ornament and remember to sign it out on the clip board.  Bring your items by Easter Sunday and place them under the tree with the ornament.  Let’s be a blessing to one another and the local community!

By Design Spring Women’s Sunday School Class April-June
We’ve just started Men’s and Women’s Sunday School classes for the Spring quarter.  Not regular Sunday School participants?  Bring the family for a trial run!  It is an opportunity to examine the distinctive plans and purposes of the designs stamped upon men and women at Creation and how they relate to our personal lives and the church.  Join us!

Baby Shower for Laura Scrivener, Monday, April 14th at 7pm in the Fireside Room
Please join us as we celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Noah!  Laura is registered at Target, Babies R Us, and Buy Buy Baby.  Contact Annie Page or Julie Root if you have any questions.

Young Women’s Monthly Fellowship beginning in May

“My purpose is that they many be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understand, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”
Colossians 2:2-3

A Study in Biblical Womanhood starting in May meeting on the third Thursday of the month through August (May 15, June 19, July 17 and August 21) from 9:30 to 11:30am in room 217 with childcare available in the nursery.

This will be a time to study God’s Word, pray and encourage one another as we discuss our mission and identity as a true woman of God.  As we read through Susan Hunt’s The True Woman we will be challenged to think biblically about womanhood.    Contact Annie Page with questions or to RSVP

Fall Women’s Retreat, October 24-26 at Blessings Lodge, Camp Overlook
Reserve your spot with a $40 deposit to NLICC, additional $40 payments due in June and September  Questions, want to sign up?  Contact Connie Both.

Bulletin Folding
Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare? Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1pm some Friday. Takes about 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!)  Questions?  Ask Pam in the office.

Note from Kathryne:
What a joy and privilege to see the beautiful modular dedicated and prayed over by Pastors Doug and Sean this past Sunday!  I would like to acknowledge those that came alongside the Deacons to help prepare the living space for the Clark family who arrived this past Monday, April 7th:  Kathy and Robin Wilson, Chris Dale and family, Joy Lopes, 7th/8th grade Girls’ Sunday School class under the leadership of Krystal Dowell and Beth Hamilton, Karen Melnick, Elisa Wassum, Gail Weeks, Heather and Chris O’Hara, Steve Marple, Alan Dowell, and Christine Martin.  And thanks to the many who donated and contributed items for the “pounding” and household items sign-up lists. Praise God for the testimony of the Body of Christ’s ministering to a specific need and making “light work with many hands!”  – Kathryne

Do you have information you’d like passed to the women of the church?  Let us know at wm@nlicc.org.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
Women’s Ministry Committee

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