Women’s Ministry Update 4/11/13

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Here’s a post from Wesleigh Mellot’s blog “Purposehere” where she shares some lessons God taught her at the Young Adult Retreat last weekend:

The Seriousness of God and Matthew 18:15

by Wesleigh Mellot

As I sit here writing this, the sun is slowly setting and birds are chirping outside my OPEN window. I think it is finally safe to say that spring has arrived!

This past weekend, I and several others from New Life in Christ Church and the New Life ministry here at UMW headed down to the Outer Banks for a weekend of fellowship and to spend time in God’s word. The focus of the retreat was, “Convictions.” What ours are, why we hold them and the scriptural support behind them. It was a time to put reason behind my belief; to sort out what my convictions are and where, biblically, they are derived from (and realizing my convictions that aren’t biblical!)

Writing out my convictions this weekend had me thinking about the seriousness of God and what it truly means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. How often do I take God seriously? The first question I came away with this weekend was this:

If I am not willing to put aside homework, TV, friends or sacrifice free time to pray or read, how can I turn around and say that I would die for my faith?

And while “Convictions” was the true theme for the weekend, there was one happening in particular that took me by surprise.

Well, to begin, let’s start off with Matthew 18:15

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.”

We see here Jesus calling us, in Christian community, to point out the faults of others so that they may stop sinning. Not in a way that one person may be elevated or another condemned, but for the sake of living in healthy Christian community with one another.

Growing up without Christian community, I had yet, before this weekend, to see this verse in action. In fact, before I saw this in real life, I had always only seen myself on the accusatory side of this relationship. I mean, who would call ME out for doing something that was morally detrimental or causing others to stumble? HA. Not me! Never.


I won’t go into all the details, but on retreat I was participating in something that was not furthering the Kingdom of God, and may have caused others to stumble. And for the first time in my life, I was held accountable. Approached, guided, “won over.” I saw Matthew 18:15 enacted in my life. I moved from theoretically being on the accusatory side to literally being the accused.

This was so exciting!

The fact that someone had the courage to stand up for what was morally and biblically correct and call out his brothers and sisters, this, was incredible. We were guided in the right direction so that we could grow in community.

So, the second most important question I took away from this weekend is one that I should be asking myself in everything I do:

Is this action furthering the Kingdom of God?

Simply that.

and if not… what is the purpose?


Current announcements:

Women’s Ministry Training, April 13th at 10 am in Room 219
Participants please read Chapters 1-3 of Women’s Ministry in the Local Church to prepare for our discussion

Daughters of the King Women’s Retreat, May 3-5

  • We still room available!  Teens encouraged to come
  • Register in the foyer this Sunday, April 14th.
  • Cost is $120, includes all meals, hotel style, 4 single beds to a room.
  • If you have already paid, make sure you sign up for a room/roommates on Sunday
  • A carpool list is available as well.  If you are planning on driving sign up to bring a couple others along.

Women’s Breakfast, Saturday, April 20th at 9am in the Fireside Room
Debra Smith will be sharing with us about ministry to the Afghan people and will share about current opportunities to minister right here in our own community.  Bring something to share and enjoy some fellowship.

Mark your Calendars for Women’s Summer Bible Studies (ages 15+)

  • Trusting God by Jerry Bridges
    • Tuesday mornings, 9:30-11:30, June 4-Aug 20, Room 141B
    • Lisa Capitano is facilitating
    • Book is $12, Study guide is $7
    • Read and complete Lesson 1 for discussion at the first class
    • Childcare available: $36 for one child, $54 for 2 or more
    • RSVP to Christine Fulcrod at nlicspotsy@aol.com


  • Because He Loves Me by Elyse Fitzpatrick
    • Thursday evenings, 7-9pm, June 6-Aug 22 (no class July 4th), Room 141B
    • Heather O’Hara is facilitating
    • Book is $12
    • Read and answer the questions for Chapters 1 and 2 for discussion at the first class
    • Childcare available: $33 for one child, $49.50 for 2 or more
    • RSVP to Christine Fulcrod at nlicspotsy@aol.com

Preteen/Teen Summer Bible Study (rising 6th grade-age 14)

  • Sunday afternoons in June and July (all except June 16, Father’s Day)
  • Cost is $15 for the workbook
  • Girls will go as a group to the homes of different women of the church for a hosted meal  and program return for 6pm evening service.
  • They’ll study the book Becoming a True Woman While I’m Trying to make it through Middle School by Susan Hunt.
  • Various women of the church will lead the lessons and incorporate real service and ministry opportunities.
  • RSVP or questions to Heather at wm@nlicc.org

Scholarship Assistance
As always, we want to make all women’s ministry events available to everyone.  Please let us know if financial concerns prevent you from being able to participate, scholarships are available.  Contact us at wm@nlicc.org.

We are here to Communicate
One of the missions of the Women’s Ministry Committee is to communicate ministry and service opportunities to the women of the church.  If you have needs or opportunities that you would like passed to the women of the church, please let us know.  You may contact us at wm@nlicc.org.

Let us know if there are any other ways we can assist you as the Women’s Ministry Committee.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee


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