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Any Spare Diamonds Lying Around?

  by Barb Plating

A few weeks back our oldest grandson, Zachary, started texting me asking for a good time when he could call my husband, Larry, and me; he said he had something he needed to ask us.  Zach, who just finished his sophomore year at Covenant College in Georgia, is working at a boys’ camp in Alabama this summer and has very little time when he has access to his cell phone.  I began texting back with times we’d be home and wondered what question he had for us that he needed to ask personally by phone.

We finally set a time convenient for all of us and when he called, his question was both puzzling and humorous.  “Grandma, do you by any chance have any spare diamonds lying around that I could buy from you?”  After stifling a chuckle, our question back to him was the obvious one, “Why do you ask?”

He went on to talk about the lovely young lady in his life (Catherine), who he wants to marry.  Larry and I had the pleasure of meeting her when we visited Zach during Easter break and agreed on first impressions that she would be a wonderful helpmeet for him.

It seems that Zach has a setting for a ring that belonged to his great-grandmother on his mother’s side and wanted a diamond from our side of the family to complete what would be an engagement ring.  He went on to explain how family heritage is important to him and a ring that brought elements from both sides of his family would be far richer in meaning than one purchased from a store.

Back to Zach’s original question, did we have a spare diamond lying around?  Well, it just so happened that we did.  We had the diamond from the engagement ring given to Larry’s mother by his biological father who was killed in World War II.  His mom had given me the diamond about ten years into our marriage and I had it made into a ring for Larry.

We were thrilled to be asked about the diamond and delighted to give it to him.  It brings great joy to our hearts to know that family heritage is something Zachary regards so highly.

Now Zach has both the setting and the diamond and a jeweler willing to put the two together.  It will be about another year before the ring is given to Catherine, but Zach is convinced she’s “the one,” and they’re already in pre-engagement counseling.

Beyond our family heritage that Zach values, there’s a far deeper and richer heritage we have because of the work of Christ.  As I thought about that word heritage I was prompted to check out its definition in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.  Here’s what it says: “An estate that passes from an ancestor to an heir by descent or course of law; that which is inherited.  In Scripture, the saints or people of God are called His heritage, as being claimed by Him and the objects of His special care.”

The diamond, the setting, and the soon to be designed and completed engagement ring all have great meaning – especially for our family – but cannot begin to compare with the value we have in Christ, where we are claimed by God and are the chosen children of His grace and His love.

We are heirs of salvation, heirs of the promise by virtue of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Romans 8, verses 16-17 tell us: The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him so that we may also be glorified with Him.

In Psalm 16, verse 6 it says, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.”

In considering this particular verse, Charles Spurgeon wrote, “We know that Jesus was well content with the blood-bought portion which the lines of electing love marked off as his spoil with the strong and his portion with the great. Therein he solaced himself on earth, and delights himself in heaven; and he asks no more ‘GOODLY HERITAGE’ than that his own beloved may be with him where he is and behold his glory.

“All the saints can use the language of this verse, and the more thoroughly they can enter into its contented, grateful, joyful spirit the better for themselves and the more glorious to their God.”

There aren’t any more spare diamonds lying around in our family but there is the glorious heritage we have in Christ as heirs of salvation, and the testimony of the work He alone has accomplished in us and for us, all for the glory of God. Christ’s heritage and and ours are indeed beautiful.

About Barb:
Barb Plating assists her husband, Larry, in running Christ Covenant School, a discipleship ministry of New Life in Christ Church that functions as a home school co-op using the Principle Approach® methodology of teaching.  Previously she worked as the national field director for Concerned Women for America and prior to that was the legislative director for the American Coalition for Life and program coordinator for their Cemetery of the Innocents project.  This project graphically portrayed what was happening in America through abortion by planting 4400 crosses in key areas of Washington, DC and other major American cities.  She also worked as program coordinator and director of intercession for the Enough is Enough Campaign, an organization dedicated to protecting children and families from the dangers of illegal Internet pornography.
Before moving into the political activism arena, Barb taught learning disabled elementary students in Fairfax, Virginia, and Bangkok, Thailand; and while living in Yokohama, Japan, she taught English and Christianity at a private girls’ school.  She and Larry will celebrate 47 years of marriage next month.  They have three great sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law and nine wonderful grandchildren.

Current Announcements:

Red Cross Blood Drive, August 8th from 2-7pm
Sign up in the foyer this Sunday and next. We have committed to raising 25 pints so check your calendars, plan to bring a friend, and sign up so that we know we can count on you! Babysitting is available, specify number of children when you sign up.

Serving in the Church Together – Opportunity!
Do you or your children have an hour or so Friday afternoons to help out in the church office? Volunteers are needed to fold and stuff the weekly bulletin.  It is a great way to teach children about serving in the body of Christ because it is a simple task you can share together! Bring a friend and it can be a great time of fellowship while you serve. Contact Pam at pam@nlicc.org or call (540)786-4848. Current Fridays open: August 9th, or come assist another volunteer on any other Friday in August.

Created as Helpers
Annie Page forwarded this article which references one of the books our ladies have studied in Women’s Ministry Training: Women’s Ministry in the Local Church by Susan Hunt. In her book Susan explores the woman’s design as helper and life-giver. In She Strengthens Me,  Tim Challies talks about the blessing of having a wife who lives out her calling as helper. How are you being a helper and life-giver in your relationships at home, at work, in the church?

Has God taught you something you’d like to share to encourage others? Let us know! Contact Annie Jedick or email wm@nlicc.org.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee


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