Women’s Ministry Update – 8/15/13

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Pioneer Girls

by Sharon Leaman

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105

Pioneer Girls is a vital discipleship ministry of our church specifically for girls ages 4-12 years old.  New Life has had an active Pioneer Girls ministry for over 25? 30? years!  I have been involved in leadership with Pioneer Girls for 5 years but my desire to be a part of Pioneer Girls started long before.  I can remember me, as a young married woman, longing for children, watching the bright and beautiful faces of scores of Pioneer Girls walk up on stage on a Sunday morning singing and reciting Bible verses as leaders told stories of how God was at work in their lives through this unique ministry.  I longed for one day to have a daughter (or more!) who could grow up in her faith under the love and mentoring of women I respected.

I now have two cherished daughters, and they are involved in Pioneer Girls.  It is a highlight of their week.  My girls learn foundational Biblical principles and Scripture memory, they pray for one another, and grow in community.  I see the women leaders discipling, coaching, training, loving these girls.  These girls are the future nurturers of our families and churches.  I am grateful these women pour their hearts into this ministry.

We are at a critical juncture this year.  Several of our faithful leaders have stepped down after 10 and 15 years of service (their girls have long graduated from the program!) and we are looking for women who are interested in building discipleship relationships with girls.  We have a need across every age group.  Pioneer Girls meets on Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm at the church.  All leaders are paired with another leader, who share in the teaching of the provided lesson plans.

Leaders do not need to have a child in Pioneer Girls.  In fact, our community is richer when we have volunteers from all seasons of life.

Will you pray with me, 1/giving thanks for the many years God has used this ministry in the life of our church, 2/that He will provide the leaders we need and 3/that God would open the hearts of our girls to the riches of His love for them?

If you are interested in Pioneer Girls for your own girls or to serve as a leader, please contact me or Dorinda McConnell.

About Sharon: Sharon is married to Bruce (20 years!) and is a homeschooling mother to four blessings:  Daniel (10); Emilee (9); and Kathryn and Nathan (6).  Sharon became a Christian at 18 through a campus ministry, and has grown in Christ through the loving, faithful discipleship of many people at New Life.  She loves to sing, think, talk, and enjoy the blessings in her life as she relies on God’s grace.

Current Announcements

Titus 2

  • Titus 2 is NLICC’s primary ministry to women. All women 18 and up are strongly encouraged to be a part.
  • Titus 2 is more than a Bible Study! It is a chance to build relationships with a small group of other women by sharing a meal, studying God’s Word, and having fellowship and prayer times together. Many friendships have grown and deepened in Titus 2 groups.
  • Titus 2 groups meet monthly in a Leader’s home at various times of the month and locations
  • Come to the Women’s Breakfast August 17th at 9am to sign up for a group and purchase your book or sign up in the foyer on Sunday morning

Women’s Bible Study for 2013-14
Christine Fulcrod will be leading Studies in the Confession of Faith – A Women’s Approach by Jeanne Patterson beginning September 10th on Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11:30. Watch for flyers soon! Sign up at the August 17th Women’s Breakfast or contact Christine in the church office. Childcare available.

Women’s Breakfast Saturday, August 17th at 9am in the Fireside Room
Want to hear about ministry opportunities for Fall? Come share breakfast and hear more about Titus 2 and Women’s Bible Study as well as opportunities to serve. Bring a daughter or friend and something to share!

Got Ideas?
Do you have an idea for an activity or topic that you’d like to share? Is there something you’d like to see available for women at NLICC? Let us know! Email the Women’s Ministry Committee at wm@nlicc.org.

Personal note
I’d like to give a personal plug for Titus 2. It has been an important part of my life the past five years and the impetus to restarting a Women’s Ministry Committee at NLICC. That wasn’t always so. Originally I avoided intimacy with women or joining a Titus 2 group because I felt depressed and condemned but didn’t want anyone to know. You see, I had shared a wonderful testimony of the Lord drawing me to Himself years before but after the initial glow of salvation it seemed to me that I would never be able to live the Christian life, it was just too hard. I sought escape or comfort in food and caffeine. When I finally gave in (out of peer pressure), signed up and showed up to a Titus 2 group, I discovered real women and most of all, real encouragement in the Lord. I discovered that my struggles with sin were not unique, that all struggle with sin – even the seemingly perfect ladies whom I admired and who now shared a meal and their lives around the table. What I learned, was what it looks like to appropriate the gospel, to see myself, as Tim Keller says, “more sinful and flawed than I could ever imagine, but more loved and accepted than I could ever hope.” Through a shared meal, fellowship, a Bible study and prayer each month, I learned God’s love for me was far greater than my sin and began to comprehend in part the immensity of His love displayed in Jesus’s incarnation, sinless life, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension. God’s love has not changed, I am His daughter and dearly beloved. The Holy Spirit leads me today against sin and through difficult circumstances, He is my comforter and my strength. Instead of trying to escape my sin, I can face it with the knowledge that God is good and He is for me.  Although “My” Titus 2 ladies are not ones I would have necessarily gotten to know well outside of Titus 2 – in fact, I met many of them at Titus 2, because of one evening a month, they have became my sisters, my mothers, my friends in Christ. I know that the rest of the month “my” Titus 2 ladies are lifting me up in prayer and it draws us closer together in our Savior. I encourage each of you to invest in one breakfast, lunch or dinner a month with “your own” Titus 2 ladies and see what God will teach you or how He might use you to speak into the life of someone who needs the love of sisters in Christ. That is covenantal living.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee


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