Women’s Ministry Update – 9/19/13

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My Cup Runneth Over

by Julie Whitenack

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
you anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.”

If there’s any place here in Fredericksburg where I can go and see someone I know, it’s Chick-fil-A. Sweet, mustardy Chick-fil-A sauce coating savory nuggets, lemonade made with real lemons, teenagers from our church working behind the counter, a play area with sound-proof glass, and coupons for free stuff keep us all going back there.

I guess these things have made an impression on my daughters, because both of them have a goal to someday work at Chick-fil-A. My 7-year old daughter Maddie even told me recently that she was planning to save all of the money she ever got so that she could someday work at Chick-fil-A. What a look of joy and wonder she had on her face when I told her that Chick-fil-A would actually pay HER to work there!

We as women also tend to live our lives as if we needed to constantly work to earn acceptance from God. Women especially tend to feel shame over not being or doing enough. We might feel ashamed to approach God or receive His favor. We might picture Him shaking His head, saying, “I can’t believe she did that AGAIN! When will she ever learn?” We strive to be more, to do more. We aren’t good enough wives, moms, friends; and we certainly aren’t attractive enough. We’d like it if we could fix a few things and have something worthwhile to say for ourselves before we have to approach God.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you. You are actually way worse than you thought. Even the fact that you think you can do something well enough to deserve God’s favor is extremely prideful. If He let us see how every moment of every day we are sinning against Him with our selfish motivations and pride and lack of concern for others and lack of directing our thoughts to Him we would be overwhelmed.  And Romans 6:23 says that the wages of sin is death.

Isn’t it freeing to remember that you can’t earn God’s favor? He came down and became one of us. His death at our hands means that all of our prideful, irritated, inconsiderate, non-disciplined, selfish moments have already been paid for. The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Rom. 6:23)

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing;
it is the gift of God,
not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
(Eph. 2:8-9)

And that’s not all. You are God’s child. You know how little children can make messes and throw tantrums and disrespect you and you still love them more than you can imagine? God delights in you as His child. Isaiah 62:4 says:

You shall no more be termed Forsaken,
and your land shall no more be termed Desolate,
but you shall be called My Delight Is in Her,
and your land Married;
for the Lord delights in you.

You haven’t earned it. It has all been given to you. Your cup overflows.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life,
and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
Psalm 23:6

 About Julie:  Julie Whitenack lives within walking distance from a Chick-fil-A and often ponders its spiritual significance. She spends her time teaching at Christ Covenant School, helping her husband in his ministry, being involved in ministries at New Life, and taking care of her family.

Current Announcements:

Shower of Prayer, this Saturday, September 21st at 9am in the Fireside Room
Come enjoy breakfast and a time of prayer in anticipation of our NLICC and EG covenant babies. This Prayer Shower is in honor of Tracy Greenberg, Dena Kota, Annie Page, Katie Pirch, Hannah Reed and Ruth de Los Santos. No gifts expected, food provided. Bring a heart of prayer and praise for these little ones and their families!   Click here if you’d like to provide a breakfast item.

“Mental Health and the Mission of the Church”
For some time now the Women’s Ministry Committee has been planning a mini-conference on mental health to be held November 16th from 8:30am-1:30pm. Almost everyone knows of someone who’s life has been affected by mental illness. How should the church respond?  With loving compassion and help.  We intend to dispel some myths of mental illness and educate us as a church to understand the significance mental health in the lives of ourselves, our families, the church and those we minister to.  We’ll share basic information on mental health to address both the physical and spiritual causes and treatments of mental illness. We want your questions – what would you like to learn?  What questions do you have?  Email your questions to wm@nlicc.org , speak to Pam Lopes in the Office, or drop them anonymously in the Women’s Ministry mailbox in the Office.  We plan to have a physician, Biblical counselor, and Pastor as a part of the planning team and program and we’d like to address your questions or concerns as a part of the conference.

Titus 2
If you want to sign up for Titus 2, contact Karen Melnick right away, groups have begun meeting!  Also, pick up your book from the office for $7 if you haven’t already, your leader will want you to have completed Lesson 1 for your first session.

Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center Walk/Run for Life, Saturday, October 5th Sign up to participate as a walker or runner.  Invite family or friends to join or sponsor you.  Find a friend to sponsor.  Register or sponsor online here.

Capernaum Hospitality Pastor Gary has challenged us as a church to help support our mission to Capernaum, Younglife’s ministry to disabled children and young adults, through hospitality to the teens and their families.  One of the ways that you can help is by providing refreshment and hospitality to the parents who meet in the Youth Room upstairs. Check out the sign up sheet – is there a place where you, your family, care group or you and a friend would be willing to serve?  The priority is to provide hospitality to the parents, but treats for the kids would be appreciated.

Blessings Bags, October 19th following the Women’s Breakfast at 9am Ever wonder what to give the homeless guy begging at the intersection? Want to have a blessing on hand to share ready in your car? Join us Saturday, October 19th at 9am to enjoy breakfast and make “Blessing Bags” – ziplocks filled with toiletries and treats. Bring your daughter or a friend and join us for fellowship and an assembly line. We’ll have tracts on hand to put in your bags to share the good news. It will take some planning ahead and everyone following through to bring the contents. Sign up here.

As always, we love to hear your stories.  If you are willing to encourage us with what God is teaching you, let us know.  Contact Annie Jedick or send your piece to wm@nlicc.org.

Can we help you get the word out about a ministry, activity or need? Let us know, we’d be happy to include it in the Update or on our Facebook Page.

in His grace,
Heather O’Hara
for the Women’s Ministry Committee



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