Women’s Update (06/04/2015) – The Shepherd’s Inviting Voice

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The Shepherd’s Inviting Voice

By Kathryne Marple

I Peter 5:2 “…shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly, as God would have you…”

Ephesians 4:11,12 “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,…”

 New Life in Christ Church has been home to Steve and me for over 29 years.  We moved to Fredericksburg from Charlottesville January 2, 1986, and started attending that first Sunday in town.  I had been listening to 90Joy FM radio station in Charlottesville as early as 1983 and had heard Pastor Doug give recorded minute devotionals on the air. I remember thinking what a pleasant and inviting pastoral voice he had as well as speaking sound doctrine, so when I heard his voice and saw him for the first time in person, it seemed I already knew the pastoral shepherd God had prepared for us.   We had friends in Fredericksburg, Sherri and Jerry Oesterheld, who had already been attending, so it was the natural place for us to go first.  Steve actually moved a day ahead of me and attended care group with the Oesterhelds his first night here.  What a blessing to find our church home and care group right away!

One of Pastor Doug’s gifts is his thoughtful inviting of members of his flock into service in the body of Christ, seeing where their gifts and talents lie, and giving everyone an opportunity to serve where God has called each.  He has personally invited me to do things that, when I thought about them at the time, I knew that God had equipped me to do, but without his personal invitation, I probably would not have stepped forward to do those things. His gracious, inviting voice has given me the courage to step up and serve. Serving has given me confidence and joy to be a part of the body here, getting to know people better, and finding out I could do new things that I initially did not think I could.  I am always blessed as I view the diversity of people and their gifts at New Life. I love to see the gift of hospitality put into practice at church. This is an area of weakness in which I need to grow.  It is always a blessing to have people into our home, but the process of just doing it has been at times difficult for me, so feel free to invite yourself over to get me growing  more in that area!

The Lord blessed us with three children: Gabrielle (1989), Brian (1992), and Paige (1994). The body of Christ at New Life exerted much godly influence in their lives in a variety of ways, and they were able to use their gifts and talents while growing up here;  its example of what a true church is will hopefully influence their lives as they continue to follow Him and serve Him wherever He leads them.

In the midst of spiritual blessing and abundance, there have been fiery trials along the way.   I am especially grateful to Pastor Doug and Mary Jane when they have come alongside me to comfort and encourage in times of uncertainty, such as giving birth to a 1 lb. 13 oz. newborn, loss of loved ones, and heartache over children’s waywardness.  Others in the church, too, have spoken truth into my life, keeping me from losing heart and rebelling when things were not as I had planned or desired.  God has been faithful through His Spirit, and His Spirit working through the members of His body at New Life to persuade me to hold fast to the truths of His Word.  And that is the crux of New Life to me: His Word proclaimed faithfully and accurately these past 40 years.   To Him be the glory!

About Kathryne:  Kathryne rejoices that her heavenly Father invited her through His Spirit to totally commit her life to Jesus at age 17 and to stop “straddling the fence, with one foot in the world and one in the kingdom”.  She is married to Steve, her verbally witty and brainy half. She is excited to be a year into the joys of empty nesting and anticipates new paths of service the Lord will lead her to follow as well as the continued sanctifying process He promises to use to equip her for that service.

Current Announcements:


  •  Summer Pre-Teen Girls’ Study | Sunday afternoons June 7 – August 9 (not Father’s Day, June 21st)
    Each Sunday, after morning worship service, girls will go to the home of a different woman of the church where they will be hosted for lunch and Bible study on Biblical Womanhood.  The afternoon will be filled with fellowship, crafts, and service activities.  Girls will be returned to church for the 6 pm evening service.  Are you willing to hostess or lead a session?  Sign up here:  Contact: Heather O’Hara
  • Women’s Summer Bible Study: Praying with Paul | Offered Tuesday Mornings (9:30-11:30 am) OR Tuesday Evenings (7-9 pm) {Room 217}
    You’re invited to join us for D.A. Carson & Brian Tabb’s Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation.  This study shows the “priorities of prayer, a God-centered framework for prayer, and practices for a more meaningful and dynamic prayer life.”  An evening session is also offered to suit schedules – don’t miss out! Childcare will be available for the morning study.  Heather O’Hara will be leading the Tuesday morning study (registration and more details here) and Gale Puffenberger will be leading the Tuesday evening study (registration & more details here). Contact: Heather O’Hara or Gale Puffenberger
  • Childcare Help Needed for Summer Bible Study | Tuesday Mornings (June 16-August 11)
    Help is needed with childcare for the morning session (9:30-11:30) of our ladies’ summer Bible study.  The Tuesday morning study begins June 16 and runs through August 11 (no study July 28).  The nursery must be staffed by at least one person over the age of 18, but younger assistants are welcome.  If you are able to help, please contact the church office. Contact: Church Office | 540-786-4848 | nlicc@nlicc.org


  • Potluck Lunch with the Bomheads & Sikes | Sunday, June 7 {Fireside Room}
    Join for fellowship and a potluck lunch with the Bomheads and Sikes following morning worship. If you are willing to help with food, set-up, or clean-up, please click here. Thank you! Contact: Christine Fulcrod | 540-786-4848 | nlicc.@nlicc.org
  • Women’s Prayer Breakfast | Saturday, June 13 at 9 am {Fireside Room}
    Please join us as we celebrate Father’s Day during this month’s prayer breakfast!  Last month’s prayer breakfast was a sweet time of reflection of God’s word, sentiments of our own mothers and/or own motherhood, fellowship, and tasty breakfast treats.  Please don’t miss out on this monthly opportunity for fellowship with other ladies.  If you are able to bring something to share, please click here. Contact: Gail Weeks
  • Moses & Burning Within Performances | June 19 & 20
    Dinner Theater on Friday June 19 & Saturday, June 20 — 
    Doors Open at 6:00 pm; Dinner Begins at 6:30 pm; Musical Begins at 7:15 pmJune 20 Matinee — Doors open at 1:30 pm; Musical Begins at 2:00 pm (NO dinner).  Tickets are free, but, required.  Contact the church office for tickets. To participate, see Sunday’s bulletin insert, or, contact Jonathan Allison. Contact: Jonathan Allison | 540-786-4848
  • {SIX more weeks!} 40th Anniversary Banquet | Saturday, July 11, 2015 at 6 pm
    Our 40th Anniversary Banquet will be held at 6 pm on Saturday, July 11, 2015.  Doors open at 6:00 pm and dinner begins at 6:30 pm.  Our banquet will be a time of fellowship, a delicious meal, and reflection of God’s goodness.  Please let us know if you will OR will not be attending AND/OR if you are able to set-up or clean-up.  We would greatly appreciate your support!  Please RSVP by Sunday, June 28.  Click here to RSVP.  As part of the celebration, several musical pieces are planned. If you have ever sung in the Youth Choir, Final Peace, Adult Choir, or a Cantata Choir, contact Jonathan or Veronica Allison.  Contact: Amy Auker
  • 40th Anniversary Service & Reception | Sunday, July 12 at 3 pm
    In honor of our 40th Anniversary, a special service is planned for Sunday at 3 pm.  Please join us as we celebrate God’s faithfulness.  A reception of finger foods and dessert will follow the service.  This special anniversary service will be in place of our regular 6 pm service; Sunday School and our 10 am worship service remain unchanged.
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) | July 27 – July 31
    We are still seeking teachers and assistant teachers to help during the week.  We hope to borrow the following decoration needs (please label all items with your name and they will be returned to you): tube-style Christmas lights, lab coats/jackets, and any non-breakable science-themed items.  We seek the following craft supply donations (please label the bag ‘VBS’ & drop off in ministry office): toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes, aluminum foil,  3″ Styrofoam balls, assorted colors of Sharpie markers, and assorted colors of craft wire.  More craft & food donations and teen helper opportunities will follow soon. Contact: Carrie Verbosky


  • Church-Wide Address Directory to be Updated | Inform Church Office of Any Changes by June 6
    The church office will be printing and assembling new address directories for the church body.  Please confirm your contact information by filling out the bulletin insert in the May 31 bulletin.  If you have had any contact information changes since the last address directory update (December 2013) OR have started attending New Life since December 2013, we’d especially appreciate your confirmation of contact information. Contact: Dayra Rumbaugh | 540-746-4848| dayra@nlicc.org


  • Baby Ava Jane Katarina Puig Has Arrived!
    Praise God for the safe arrival of Daniel and Taniya Puig’s baby girl, Ava! She was born on May 25 at 7:35 am, weighed in at 8 lbs., 15 oz., and measured 20 inches. If you are able to bring a meal to the Puigs, contact Joy. Contact: Joy Plaia
  • Assistance in the Church Office Needed | June 21 – June 26
    Assistance is needed in the church office for the week of June 21-26 as both Dayra and Christine will be gone (things happen).  To sign up, please click here or contact the church office.  Thank you so much for helping us out – our pastoral staff will be so grateful. Contact: Christine or Dayra | 540-786-4848 | nlicc@nlicc.org
  • Substitute Sunday School Assistant with 7th & 8th Grade Girls Needed | June 21 – July 26
    Krystal Dowell and Beth Hamilton are looking for a substitute Sunday School assistant with the 7th and 8th grade girls.  The need is for 6 weeks starting Father’s Day (June 21 – July 26).  No teaching – unless desired – just assisting.  If able to help, please contact Krystal. Contact: Krystal Dowell
  • Housing Needed for Tracey Fischer’s Mother
    Searching for a studio/1 bedroom/in-law suite/walkout basement apartment to rent for Tracey’s mom starting roughly July 1st for at least 6 months. Contact: Tracey Fischer
  • {New} Kitchen Cleaning Committee Seeking Monthly Cleaning Volunteers
    Katie Crawford and Christine Fulcrod have been working together to establish a deep-cleaning maintenance schedule for the church kitchen.  We suggest that 2-3 people get together at some point (at your convenience) during the first week of each month to clean & organize the kitchen.  Sign-up with a friend or get to know someone new!  You can access the sign up here.  Thank you for considering serving in this way! Contact: Christine Fulcrod | 540-746-4848 | nlicc@nlicc.org
  • {Updated} Needs for NLIC Manses
    Some women from the WMC have been been to work setting up the rooms in the Manses with items that have been donated thus far.  The TimeToSignUp has been updated to reflect the current needs.  If you are able to donate gently used (or new) furnishings and new cleaning supplies, please click here.  If you have questions regarding delivery of furniture and/or specific needs listed, please contact the deacon on call.  ContactJeff McConnell
  • Bulletin Folding
    Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare?  Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1 pm some Friday.  Takes about 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!) Contact: Dayra Rumbaugh | 540-786-4848 | dayra@nlicc.org


  • Food Pantry Needs: individually wrapped toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, jelly, cereal, a 5 lb. bag of sugar, canned corn, canned peas, canned potatoes, canned chicken, macaroni & cheese, spaghetti sauce, bean soup, chicken noodle soup, broccoli & cheese soup, pork & beans,  microwave popcorn envelopes, powdered detergent, and face soap. Contact: Connie Both

5-28 Food Pantry

  • Baby Bottle Boomerang Campaign | Return Bottles June 21
    The Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center will be providing the baby bottles. The bottles will be available in the foyer to pick up after worship. Your change changes lives!  Members of the congregation, youth groups, and Children’s Sunday School classes can take part in a local missions project. Even a child’s spare change adds up to big support!  With your help, we can continue to provide free services for moms and their babies. Please return the bottles to Eileen Roberts or Krystal Dowell on 6/21 or to the church office. Contact: Eileen Roberts

All for His glory,
The Women’s Ministry Committee


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